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What Can Window Film do for You?

One of the first questions that curious folks ask us is, “Why do I need window film?” After 35 years of working with residential and commercial customers, we can tell you with confidence that there are many great reasons to consider using window film.

Anything in the path of the sunlight entering through an untreated window can be damaged by UV rays. Window film blocks 99.9% of the suns UV-A and UV-B sun rays. UV window film offers protection for your valuables throughout the entire day unlike window coverings, which are only effective when closed. Window film can protect artwork, fine furniture, and help preserve the color of fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors.

The sun’s UV rays not only damage your interior decor but can be harmful to your eyes and skin, which can lead to skin cancer. Did you know that one in five Americans are living with skin cancer? With statistics like these why take the risk? Protect your family 24/7 with UV window film.

Just because UV window films are designed to be highly effective against UV rays doesn’t mean you have to live in darkness. In fact, most modern day window films are highly transparent, allowing an abundance of sunlight to enter the room. Think of UV window film as a clear filter, blocking the bad sunlight and only allowing the good through your windows.

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ClimatePro is family owned and operated. We’ve been in the window film business for over three decades. Quality, product selection and top notch customers service is at the core of everything we do. We put these principles into every installation, so that you can have a safer, more efficient and comfortable home or business. We can help you implement practical solutions to solve your energy and safety related challenges.
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