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3 Reasons To Add Window Tint to Your Bay Area Home

Smart homeowners are choosing 3M Window Film for their San Francisco Bay Area homes.

What are the benefits of having window tint or window film added to your home? For this homeowner in Kentfield, CA, we added 3M Neutral Window Film to several windows in their home. Should you have window tint added to your home windows? Here are 3 reasons to add window tint to your home.

First, window tint helps you create a more comfortable home all year round. Window film acts as a layer of insulation on your windows. This helps you to save money on your energy bill by reducing the amount of heat that flows through your windows. During the sunnier parts of the year, you'll notice a more comfortable home with fewer hot spots and lower cooling costs.

Second, window tint reduces glare. This is especially important in this age of screens. We have them everywhere: our phones, tablets, and televisions. Uncontrolled sunlight brings glare, which makes it hard and irritating to use your devices. You've probably had one of those moments where you are trying to watch YouTube on your phone and maneuvering against the sun to see! We hate that too, which is why we suggest getting sun control window film added to your windows. It reduces glare and makes for a much better viewing experience.

It's good to remember that excessive glare is also bad for your eyes. Protect them and enjoy your screens with window tint.

Third, window tint reduces sun damage. You've probably noticed a recurring theme: the sun is powerful and really can cause you problems. We know we need sunlight, but too much of it is not a good thing. The sun's powerful heat and UV rays can cause fading to art, carpets, furniture, and flooring. 3M Window films help reduce the impact of the sun, lowering the chance that you'll need to replace your furnishings or flooring, which can be very expensive.

What else can window tint do? Ask the ClimatePro team. We'll help you to reduce the sun's impact with the right window film. Call us at 707.755.7337 today, or fill out the online information request form here. It's free. Want to see what window tint options are available for you? Try our Window Film Selector Tool before you call us. 

Here's another example of 3M Neutral Window Film in action, over in Tiburon.

Smart homeowners are choosing 3M Window Film for their San Francisco Bay Area homes.


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