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ClimatePro Cares: 100,000 Face Shields

As COVID-19 continues to spread, there is an urgent and growing demand for medical face shields for healthcare workers.  Like many of you, we wanted to find a way to help during this crisis. ClimatePro is partnering with Trek Box Expeditions Systems to manufacture these face shields. 

Our goal is to scale this product and launch it to the marketplace at the most reasonable cost – as close to our cost as possible. We would like to manufacture and distribute 100,000 face shields together.

Likely, as you may have already seen on social media sites and news sources, there is growing concern over the supplies needed to protect medical workers from COVID-19. Even the nations reserve stockpile is running low.

We started working on a design that would be easy to manufacture and easy to distribute so we could get the face shields to the market quickly. We went through a series of designs and worked with several different companies but ultimately we owe the credit to Trek Box Expedition Systems for helping come up with the winning design and bringing a team of collaborators together to accomplish this challenge.

We’re also thankful for the many companies that have offered their support either through supplying us with materials or donating their time. Something that might normally take a month or more to put together has happened in just a week. Within two weeks, face shields should start to be delivered. 

We’ve set-up a GoFundme account to help with the initial start-up costs through Trek Box Expedition Systems. 

If you would like to find out more information about our face shields our how to order them for your organization please contact us at or visit our website.

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Brett Torrey Haynes is the marketing and content manager for ClimatePro. He currently lives in a small house on the side of a mountain.