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Window Film FAQ: What is the Price Range for Window Film?

Window Film FAQ: What is the Price Range for Window Film?

Here's a common window film FAQ: What is the Price Range for Window Film? Yet another great question to ask. After all, even if you understand the benefits of window film, you'll still want to know how much it will cost. As we mention in our Window Film Cost Guide, there are different kinds of window film available. Some films may cover more than one of the main concerns you have. For instance, 3M Prestige can help you reduce energy costs and protect your furnishings. Based on your needs, there is probably a window tint that will fit. But what will it cost you? Let's talk about price range now.

The Price Range of Window Film

What elements affect the cost of window film? Here are 3 factors that can determine the overall cost of your window film installation. First, how long will the project take? Second, now many windows do you want to be treated with window tint? Lastly, what kind of installation conditions will the installer encounter? Each of these factors can affect the amount of time it takes to install the film. This can affect the cost. Here's some numbers to consider:

Economy — $8 to $10 per square foot.
Intermediate — $11 to $14 per square foot.
Premium — $15-plus per square foot.

What makes a film an 'economy' film? How much does safety, decorative, and anti-graffiti films cost? You can find answers to these questions and more in our Window Film Cost Guide. It's a comprehensive guide designed to help our customers become educated consumers. Want some help with picking the right window film company? Try our free handy guide here.

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