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Kellen Crestani
Kellen Crestani
ClimatePro was amazing from start to finish! From initial consultation, pricing, and then installation. Each person we were in contact with was friendly and efficient; what a novel concept. We highly recommend them for 3M film.
Ron Arenson
Ron Arenson
They placed film on french doors that we recently replaced. As before, great service.
Jill Cooper
Jill Cooper
Film was placed on the outside of many sun facing windows of my home. I am very happy with the result. My house has less glare inside and the house is noticeably cooler in warmer weather. I am eager to see how they do in really hot weather. It has been a few weeks with no problems at all. The whole process was done professionally from start to finish from meeting with the estimator, who was very responsive to questions and concerns in person and by phone, and with the installation, with both men being careful with my garden and reexamining all the film placement. I can thoroughly recommend Climate Pro.
Jill McIntire
Jill McIntire
We wanted five high windows filmed in order to both lower the glare and the afternoon temperatures. We had both excellent telephone and in person conversations to help us decide on which film to use. The two installers were efficient and they cleaned up well after the job (always a plus!). The five windows needed the use of ladders and the entire install took about two hours. Wonderful difference already.
Janice Day
Janice Day
We just recently moved to the area and want to give a BIG shout-out to Dan, from Climate Pro Window Film! He is an amazing professional. I highly recommend him if you are in need of window tinting for your home or office. We were considering tinting the windown in our home. He actually told us that it wasn't time for our windows to be tinted, and that the current tinting might have about five more years of life in them! We were so impressed by his honestly, kindness and professionalism. We've worked with a lot of companies through the years. Climate Pro needed a high five! We are so grateful to Dan and will definitely be calling him again in the future!!
Dean Carvalho
Dean Carvalho
Professional, responsive and friendly. From initial call to installation they were great to work with. When I expressed concern that the installation would leave my newly painted (black) walls with streaks from the water dripping they agreed and offered me a solution by suggesting I go with an exterior product. I was relieved and a week later they came back to install it and I couldn’t be happier.
Alice Kulka
Alice Kulka
We had 40 year old clouded window film on our roof windows to minimize heat build up. We wanted to be able to look out to see the sky and trees but still reduce heat transmittal and sun damage to furnishings. Setting up a consultation with ClimatePro was efficient. Dave came out within a couple of days with samples of film, discussed the best options, and gave us an estimate before he left. Accepting the proposal was also efficient with on-line deposit payments and then a choice of installation dates. The installer knew exactly what to do and within a few hours we had sun and heat blocking film with a clear view of the sky and more natural light in our rooms. I'd recommend ClimatePro to anyone considering window film.
Sara Malone
Sara Malone
Great product, great service.
Jamal Hadid
Jamal Hadid
As always, showed up on time, professional and courteous and cleaned up afterwards. Great job every time! I use them for residential and commercial, never had an issue.
ClimatePro Safety Security Window film 5

Make Your Glass Stronger With Security Window Film.

Professionally-installed security window film is a must have for homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Protect What Matters Most.

Add a layer of protection to your windows with safety window film. Safety window films are designed to help hold glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass.
Safety window film is designed to protect your home and your family from threats such as break-ins and severe weather events. Because these films help hold the glass together, a stronger barrier is created. Up to 42 micro-layers thick, 3M window films Ultra Series are tough and tear-resistant. These films deliver superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events, while yet maintaining a high level of optical clarity. 3M safety window films can be used in a variety of applications such as schools, retail, businesses, homes and government. It’s cost effective, easily applied over any existing glazing and most importantly, safety window films are highly effective.
In this demonstration, it takes more than 120 seconds to break through the glass window with the 3M Safety Security Window installed on the glass. This product is intended to deter break-ins by impeding unwanted entry.
In this demonstration, it takes a full 45 seconds to break through the glass door with the 3M Safety Security Film Ultra S600 installed on the glass. This product is intended to deter break-ins by impeding unwanted entry.

Benefits of 3M Window Film

  • Installs on existing glazing and frames.
  • Clear, tinted, mirrored, and frosted options are available.
  • Holds the building envelope together for longer, helping to delay or deter forced entry.
  • Holds broken glass shards together, protecting from windstorms, hurricanes, or explosions.
  • Helps to protect from smash & grab robberies.
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays.
  • Warrantied for 10-14 years.


Better Windows, In 3 Easy Steps

As we start the window tinting project, we want to make sure you understand what’s going to happen during the installation and what expectations you should have. We’ve designed our process to keep you free from worry over what comes next. We aim to create a simple and honest process that leaves you feeling taken care of and important.

1. Free Estimate

Fill out the contact form or get in touch with us directly at (707) 755 7337. Be sure to tell us why you need window tint. Send us a few pictures, too! We’ll contact you in 48 hours or less and set up a consultation. Our estimators will help you select the right film at the right price.

2. Installation

Once you’ve chosen the right window tint for your home, we’ll schedule an installation with our talented and well-trained team. They are a fast, efficient, and very helpful crew, ready to transform your windows. Need help preparing for your installation? They can help with that too!

3. Benefits

Now that you’ve made the wise choice to transform your windows, you can start reaping the benefits. Many of our customers tell us that the benefits are immediate. Imagine: better temperature control, UV protection, reduced glare, and a more comfortable home is just a call away!

OUR Prices

Home Window Tinting Prices

Window tinting is an affordable solution to upgrading your windows and is often half or less the cost of removing and replacing your existing windows. We focus on providing the highest-quality and longest-lasting window tinting products.
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Basic Window Tinting

$750 - $1500

Includes all travel to your location and the installation of window tinting of your choosing by our experts and applicable warranty. Covers the installation of 1 – 10 windows depending on size.
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Average Window Tinting

$1500 - $2500

Includes all travel to your location and the installation of window tinting of your choosing by our experts and applicable warranty. Covers the average installation of 5 – 20 windows depending on size.
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Large Window Tinting

$5k - $10k

Includes all travel to your location and the installation of window tinting of your choosing by our experts and applicable warranty. Covers a large installation of 10 – 30 windows depending on size.
Prices are averages and may change depending on the number of windows, the materials chosen, and the access of all windows. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique window tinting project after the in-home consultation.
Brink Fidler, Owner and founder of Defend Systems, puts 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film to the test. Watch and hear why Brink recommends 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film to keep out active shooters and/or intruders from your building.
Safety and security window films create a protective barrier against smash and grab theft. The window film acts as a deterrent and makes it extremely difficult to break into.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Security window film is installed on the inside of existing glazing, forming a bond with glass, and helping to hold glass together after impact. The glass, film and frame are held together by an attachment system. Security window film basically works like a car windshield, holding together after repeated blows.

The intended use and construction of a given window film will determine its warranty and life expectancy. The standard warranty range for commercial applications is 10-14 years, and most of our 3M Window Films easily outlast their warranty period.


No security window films are not bullet-proof or bullet-resistant, however, they are shatter-resistant and can protect people and buy time when it matters most. Films are often rated by standards organizations like ANSI / CPSC Z97.1, UL 972, or the GSA TS01.