Crimsafe Security Screen Cost Guide

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How Much Do Crimsafe Security Screens Cost?

Many customers ask us about the cost of our Crimsafe security screen system. We understand that our customers want to know the exact costs before committing to anything. Crimsafe screens cost more than ordinary screens, but they are designed to be stronger and safer. They also enhance the comfort and appeal of your home.

The cost of Crimsafe security screens depends on the size and specifications required. Unlike other security screens, each Crimsafe screen is customized to fit each door or window. This ensures that the screens are of the highest quality and provide the most secure protection.

It is important that the screens fit properly to cover the entire opening of your window or door. Otherwise, there could be vulnerabilities in the security they provide. So, if you’re looking for a security system that’s tailored to your needs and offers maximum protection, Crimsafe is the way to go.

To determine the final cost of your project, we ask the following important questions during your free consultation:

  • What are the dimensions of the door, window, or outside area?
  • Do you need door tracks?
  • Do we need a frame build-out to make the screen fit correctly?
  • Are there existing bars or grilles that need to be removed?
  • Do you need a door threshold extender or repair?
  • Do you want a custom color?
  • Is scaffolding or ladders necessary to install high window screens?

All of these answers contribute to the final cost of your installation. We are happy to give you a breakdown of costs. Here are some preliminary cost parameters:

  • Crimsafe windows start at a cost of approximately $450.00
  • Crimsafe doors start at a cost of approximately $2000.00
  • Crimsafe patio doors and french doors start at approximately $3800
  • Crimsafe patio enclosures start at approximately $7500

What factors affect pricing? Read the rest of our guide to find out.

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