Will Crimsafe Security Screens Make My Windows Dark?

Will Crimsafe Security Screens Make My Windows Dark?

Will Crimsafe Security Screens Make My Windows Dark?

In short, probably not. You may be wondering: ‘what kind of answer is that?’ An honest one. This is a question that we get asked a lot here at ClimatePro especially in regards to our window film solutions. And it’s a valid question.

We understand that safety and home protection is imperative to your home and family. It’s also likely to be the key reason you’re looking at Crimsafe security screens. You also probably don’t want to alter what views or the amount of light in your home. We understand that nobody wants to live in a dark cave, so your concerns are valid. Having a security screen system that doesn’t change how you live at home is exactly what you need. And that’s what Crimsafe can provide.

The secret’s in the mesh

Crimsafe Security Screens use their very own 304 grade stainless steel mesh that is designed with a thicker cross-section, which allows it to absorb a higher impact than its competitors. Stronger is better right? The mesh size is 1.5mm x 1.5mm, which is basically 1/16th by 1/16th, which is double the thickness of an average human hair.

This means that Crimsafe isn’t going to impede the view in any substantial way in normal lighting conditions. So if you enjoy watching the birds from inside your home, with Crimsafe installed you’ll still be able to see them clearly.

Often customers ask us why the screen mesh has to be black? Some wonder why they can’t be white. The advantage of using black mesh is that it absorbs the light, and it’s non-reflective. Imagine the sun coming through your front screen and bouncing off the back if it was white or silver!

A black mesh also means that you can see outside easier. Any other color would create glare and reduce visibility when you look outside. Our human eyes tend to ignore the color black and focus on everything else, which is exactly what you want when viewing out your windows. A side bonus of security screens is that Crimsafe is very effective at cutting down solar heat and UV rays. Independent studies have shown that Crimsafe mesh can reduce solar heat by up to 53%, and reduces UV radiation by 62%.

Is Crimsafe going to make it darker inside my home? You’d expect that with a screen that filters out solar heat and UV rays, it would be darker inside your home. But that’s not the case at all. While some light is reduced, it’s mostly just glare. Think about tinted sunglasses. When you put them, do they stop you from seeing? No. Your eyes adjust. In fact, it becomes more comfortable and easier to see.

Crimsafe increases the quality of your home life

With Crimsafe security screens installed, you’ll get more pleasure from spending time at home because of these advantages:

  • Lets in the breeze, without harmful UV rays
  • Keep the bugs and insects out
  • Reduce your air conditioning bills with increased airflow
  • Improve safety for your family and home

ClimatePro is the experts in Crimsafe Security

ClimatePro has specialized in home and business security products for over forty years. We’ve offered security and blast mitigation window films, auxiliary glazing systems, and window coverings for thousands of homes and high-profile businesses. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, installation, and service.

The strength of a Crimsafe screen begins with the incredibly tough mesh. Equally important is the patented frame and Screw Clamp™ technology that keeps the screen securely in place. Our installation experts fit Crimsafe security screens with care and precision, so your screens look as good as they function.

Whether you’re interested in a single security door or an entire security system, we’ll help you match the right Crimsafe security screen to your home. Contact us today for a free home security evaluation.