Finance Your Project With EnerBank USA

Complete your window film or security screen project now instead of later with easy financing from EnerBank USA.

Does ClimatePro offer Financing?

There are a few ways to pay for your window film or security screen project.

After you decide to move forward with ClimatePro we ask for a deposit to get your install date on the schedule. After the work is done, our crew will collect the balance via check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).

Financing Options for your Project

Some customers prefer to finance their projects. Many contact their bank or credit union to inquire about available financing options.

Others prefer to apply for convenient 12-month same-as-cash or traditional term loan financing through EnerBank USA. The approval process is quick and simple, and a good option for many of our customers.

To learn more about financing your home insulation project, please ask your estimator or give us a call at 415-477-1576.

How It Works

If you are looking at different options to finance your home improvement projects with ClimatePro a 12-month same-as-cash incentive may be a great option, especially if you plan to pay it off within a year. Or, your situation may benefit from a traditional term loan with low monthly payments.

Either way, you are looking to go, EnerBank USA makes the process quick and easy to finance your home project. Quickly apply via phone and get approval within a few minutes, all without an application fee, closing costs, and prepayment penalties. As an unsecured loan, there will also be no lien on your property.

The different loan options we offer through EnerBank USA are:

One Year Same-As-Cash Loan

Complete your insulation project with no payments or interest for one year. The loan minimum is $1,000. When talking with the lending specialist, use loan code DEL 2625 to activate this special offer.

6.99% Term Loan

If you are looking for low monthly payments over a few years this loan may be a good option. Finance at 6.99% for 60 months with a $3,500 minimum, or 6.99% for 84 months with a $8,000 loan minimum.

Traditional Installment Loan

A traditional installment loan may work best if you are looking for greater flexibility. With a fixed-rate based on approved credit, the max term of the loan varies by the amount of the loan. Loan amounts from $1,000 to $3,499 can have up to a 60 month term, $3,500 to $7,499 a 84 month term and $7,500 to $19,999 up to a 120 month term.

To determine your estimated monthly payments, use the information above with any loan calculator.

How to Apply for a Loan Through EnerBank USA

When you are ready to move forward with your insulation quote and desire to finance through EnerBank USA, you can follow the instructions below to call in via phone:

  • Step 1: Call 866-405-7600 to apply.
  • Step 2: Have a short discussion with a lending specialist. He or she will ask you a few questions to qualify you for the loan, as well as the following info:
  • ClimatePro Dealer ID Number: 81507
    Type of Home Improvement: Window Screens or Window Film
    If desired, use the One Year Same-As-Cash Loan Code: 821177 
  • Step 3: Receive a credit decision in about 10 minutes.
  • Step 4: Review and sign loan documents on the day of the install.

If you have any questions, ask your estimator or give our office a call at 415-477-1576.