What Is A Crimsafe Security Screen?

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What Is A Crimsafe Security Screen?

Crimsafe is a unique security screen system that has revolutionized the way Bay Area customers can protect their home or business. Crimsafe security screens are made of stainless steel security mesh that is screwed into a frame. It is then clamped down with a Screw Clamp, a patented clamp exclusive to Crimsafe. The Screw Clamp is a key reason why Crimsafe is so strong and able to keep out intruders. All other mesh security screens available are held in place by a wedging system or they are simply glued in.

Crimsafe is not only incredibly strong, but it is aesthetically pleasing. From a distance, Crimsafe simply looks like a regular window screen. It also serves the same purpose: allowing you to open your windows in summer while keeping insects out. More importantly, Crimsafe also keeps out intruders, giving your family the safe home they deserve.

Where Are Crimsafe Screens Made?

Although Crimsafe was started in Australia, it now has multiple divisions worldwide. Crimsafe USA manufactures its product in La Mirada, California, a city in the southeast part of Los Angeles County. This is great news for ClimatePro customers since we can now work directly with the factory. This ensures the highest quality and the quickest timeline to get your installation completed.

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