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The San Francisco Bay Area has a wide range of cities and climates and ClimatePro has 3M window film for all of them. From the Sonoma to Gilroy, we, the 3M window film distributors, can add a layer of protection to your home or office with professionally installed home window tint. Window film installed on the windows of your San Francisco Bay Area home or office is proven to reduce air conditioning costs, save energy, money, and help to protect your family and other valuable possessions.

Worried that your windows will be too dark? Now you don’t have to, thanks to some of the newest innovations in 3M Window Film technology.Turn your weakest link –glass windows and doors– into your biggest defense with ClimatePro’s award winning window film. Have security concerns? Our Window films are also designed to secure glass fragments, reducing potential injury due to severe weather or break-ins. It’s another layer of protection and security for your home and family that we are proud to offer to our East Bay Area customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Window film, also called window tint, is transparent plastic film or metallic laminate which is applied to glass windows. It is available in many different compositions with varying effects on the optical and mechanical properties of the underlying glass. Because window film is applied to finished glass, it is easier to install and less costly than chemically-altered specialty glass. Depending on the needs of the user, window film can work in various ways.

There is practically a window film for every kind of window and glass. Window film can be applied to doors, patio doors, skylights, large windows, small french panes or any other type of glass. It is also safe for dual pane windows and tempered glass.

It depends on how many windows are to be done. In most cases, residential installations are completed in one day. We recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our representatives. Our skilled team can help you understand all the time factors or your specific project and adjust for material ordering and lead times.

With proper window film selection (that’s where we come in) there is little risk to your windows, seals or frames. In fact we offer warranties against such things as thermal breakage and seal failures (when applicable). Contact us for more information.

When working with the ClimatePro™ team, we take special care to help you with the window film selection process. We make sure to identify your needs and expectations and then recommend the right products. To help you decide, we also have a complete collection of samples for you to examine

There are window films specifically designed to applied to skylights. Skylights have their own unique challenges that need to be kept in mind when selecting a proper window film to use. Some may require external installation.

Yes. By selecting a window film with a tint, you can cut down the amount of light coming through a window. Think of it as sun glasses for your windows. Window film can definitely create a more comfortable environment.

You can decided that. Window film comes in various designs, colors and tints, depending on the your needs. It can be almost virtually clear or completely non-transparent. In most cases, when customers use window film for solar control needs, the film is designed to be optically clear and can be likened to the effects of wearing a really nice pair of sunglasses. Installed correctly, it becomes virtually unnoticeable.

Absolutely, in fact that is one of the main reasons homeowners purchases window film. Window film is designed to filter out the bad light and only allow the good light to enter your home or building, learn more here.

3M Window films are designed to reduce the major causes of fading (ultraviolet light, visible light, and solar heat), thus prolonging the life of your furnishings, perhaps as much as two to five times. While window film can dramatically show the progress of fading, no window film can stop fading completely.

We can’t promise a dollar value, but based on customer feedback, we’ve learned that people love our window films and wouldn’t want to live without it. ClimatePro™ has very loyal customers, some dating back 25 years, who’ve used our services again and again.

Yes, the correct window film products are safe to use on any modern day dual-pane window, even tempered windows or dual-pane windows with a LOW-E coating. It is best to consult a window film professional to ensure the proper window film is used. Learn more about dual-pane windows and seal-failures.