The Best Window Film for El Cerrito, CA Homes

The Best Window Film for El Cerrito, CA Homes

The best window film for your El Cerrito, CA home is from 3M. Ask ClimatePro for a free estimate.

What is the best window film for your El Cerrito, CA, home? The ClimatePro team has been helping homeowners find the best 3M Window Film to match their needs. For instance, we installed 3M Prestige Window Film on this 6-paneled window in El Cerrito, CA. Here are some reasons why this solar or sun control window film might be a good fit for your home.

Sun Control Window Film: 3M Prestige

3M Prestige Window film offers superior sun protection with high natural light transmission. The film provides exceptional protection against the sun’s UV rays while allowing ample natural light to brighten your living space. 3M Prestige Window Film helps to minimize fading and sun damage. This will prolong the life of your floors and furnishings. It also protects you and your family from skin damage.

Additionally, 3M Prestige Window Film reduces up to 97% of infrared light for energy savings: By significantly reducing the amount of infrared light that enters your home, this film aids in lowering your energy costs. What about aesthetics? 3M Prestige Window Film boasts a low reflectivity level, ensuring it maintains an attractive appearance from the outside.

3M Prestige Window film is a non-metalized film that does not interfere with the functionality of your mobile phone or wireless signal. It is easy to maintain and clean with ordinary non-abrasive cleaning products, saving time and effort. With 3M’s comprehensive warranty, you can rest assured that you are making a wise investment.

The ClimatePro team works with homeowners all over the San Francisco Bay Area, and we are ready to work with you. Call us at (707) 569-9098 to get started on your window film journey today. Want to see more homes transformed with 3M Prestige Window Film? Check these out: