The Campus Safety Study and Safety Window Film Review

The Campus Safety Study and Safety Window Film Review

The Campus Safety Study and Safety Window Film Review

More than ever, there is an increasing interest in protecting our schools and educational institutions. Keeping students and teachers safe in the event of an unauthorized entry, natural disaster, or manmade catastrophic event should be a priority. School administrators, superintendents, principals, and teachers should all be aware of ways to create safer places of learning.

The ClimatePro team is dedicated to keeping our San Francisco neighbors abreast of the latest information pertaining to window film. This includes the latest industry news and reports on safety and security film. Hence, we are sharing some insights gained from the recent Campus Safety 2022 Window Security and Safety Survey. The goal is to share some of the key discoveries and to offer some suggestions on ways that window film and security systems can be incorporated.

Campus Safety Study Review

Campus Safety Magazine is a well-respected journal that is trusted by facility managers across multiple industries. This includes healthcare, commercial, and educational. Their 2022 Window Security and Safety Survey gathered information from 166 protection professionals. The study focused on schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities. Download the study here. Here are some of the results:

  • 35% of respondents’ glass windows and/or doors are broken at least once a quarter.
  • 43% of the respondents said that their glass openings are the perimeter security systems that are most likely to fail if an unauthorized intruder tries to enter their buildings
  • 44% of respondents said they don’t know or aren’t sure what type of glass windows and doors they have in their buildings.
  • Nearly two in three respondents (63%) said, “Protecting people and property from natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.) is a growing area of concern for building perimeter security and safety for my organization.”

With school shootings continuing to be a major security concern, the study also noted that most schools in the United States are at least 38 years old. This increased the odds that the glass windows and doors in your local schools and universities are older and not ready for unauthorized forced entry. The study noted:

“According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 28% of U.S. public schools were built before 1950, 45% were built between 1950 and 1969, and 17% were built between 1970 and 1984. 90% built before 1984. That means most schools and windows are at least 38 years old.”

With the above-mentioned statistics, careful consideration to improve glass window and door security is necessary. What can school superintendents and facility managers do to upgrade their doors and windows? 3M Safety and Security window film and window security systems like Riot Glass can dramatically increase the strength of glass windows and doors.

The Campus Safety Study and Safety Window Film Review

Make Schools Safer with 3M Safety Window Film

3M Safety Films can make your glass windows and doors stronger. How? These innovative films are made from strong tear-resistance layers. For instance, films in the 3M Ultra Series have up to 42 microlayers. The film is applied directly to the glass.  3M Safety Window Film is designed to hold the glass in place. 3M Safety Window Film slows down forced entry by up to 2 minutes, allowing occupants to call for law enforcement and to move to safety.

Additionally, 3M Safety Window Film helps to protect occupants during natural disasters. Major weather events and earthquakes may cause the glass to break. However, 3M Safety Window Film holds glass fragments in place, reducing debris and injury.

For an additional level of security, 3M Safety Window Film can be coupled with 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment Systems. This innovative system secures and anchors the window to the frame, increasing the strength and stability of the window.

The Campus Safety Study and Safety Window Film Review

Improve School Security with 3M Privacy Window Film

Another way to enhance the security of glass windows and doors is to use privacy window film. One kind of security window film that would work great in a school environment is one-way reflective window film. While most windows have some measure of reflectiveness, one-way reflective or mirror film offers a high level of reflectivity during daylight hours. While this film doesn’t offer privacy at night, it is very effective during the hours when school is generally in session.

Adding privacy to school windows and doors means that students and teachers can’t be identified easily from the outside. The film also provides other benefits, including better sun and heat control, glare and eye strain, protection from fading, and more. Learn about 3M Privacy Window Film here.

ClimatePro Campus Safety Study Infographic

Riot Glass for Schools and Campuses

Another way to upgrade the strength of glass windows and doors is with Riot Glass. Riot Glass is specifically designed to reduce the chances of a successful forced entry or accidental intrusion. Applied on top of (or retrofitted) the glass in a window or door, Riot Glass uses heat-treated polycarbonate sheets. Although appearing clear, it is extremely durable. It is bullet-resistant and designed to stay intact, even after repeated impacts.

Please note: Riot Glass is not recommended for older buildings or windows with damaged or deteriorating framing. (Note: Our friends at Riot Glass just shared some tips for creating a safer school environment that we believe are worth reading.) To see some examples of what Riot Glass looks like post-installation, look at these completed projects:

ClimatePro: Your School Safety Partner

The team at ClimatePro is not just the San Francisco Bay Area’s most respected window film installation team; we are also your neighbors. We want every school and educational facility in the area to be safer and more secure. With the above survey and safety recommendations in mind, we encourage you to call us with any questions at (707) 569-9098. We would love to help you to make your glass windows and doors safer. You can request information on 3M Safety Window Film and Riot Glass online here.

If you are a parent or teacher and want to encourage your school to upgrade windows with safety window film, use this contact information:

  • Marin County: Website / (415) 472-4110
  • Contra Costa County: Website / (925) 942-3388
  • Sonoma County: Website /  (707) 524-2600
  • Napa County: Website / (707) 253-3715
  • San Jose: Website / (408) 535-6000