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Turn your weakest link into your best defense.
Protect your property and stop break-in attempts.


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Defend your home or business against break-ins.

Looting, break-ins, and unforeseen events are on the rise, but your store or workplace doesn’t have to be next on the list of victims. Instead, you have the power to make your building riot-proof and bullet-resistant with Riot Glass from ClimatePro.

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What Makes Riot Glass So Special?

Riot Glass is nearly identical to regular glass in terms of appearance, but that is where the similarity ends. Riot Glass is different than traditional glass security options on the market, such as window films and tempered glass.

These methods will often only delay a determined intruder, leaving you with an expensive replacement bill on top of the loss of your merchandise, or worse.

Don’t let the aftermath of a break-in be your wake-up call; start protecting your property and assets today with Riot Glass.

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Riot Glass: How It Works

What does it do? Riot Glass stops break-in attempts using sledgehammers, crowbars, knives, pickaxes, bricks, blocks, bats, and more – in short, it stops rioters and looters from getting in.

Does it really work? Riot Glass has proven more effective than any other forced entry protection system including boarding, roll-down gates, and security window film. 

Constructed of polycarbonate sheets, Riot Glass is abrasion and UV ray resistant to help extend the life of the panes. Panels can be installed over existing window glass in many cases.

Thanks to its extreme durability, even the lowest level of Riot Glass offers an incomparable level of security, making them bullet-resistant. The glass is also relatively easy to clean and maintain, giving your property decades of security and peace of mind. 

When choosing Riot Glass, a threat assessment consultant will be able to help you determine the best installation options for you.

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Riot Glass vs Security Film

What are the differences between Riot Glass and regular safety or security film? Put simply, Riot Glass is a stronger level of protection than security film. 


  • Security film is attached to the window vs Riot Glass is attached on top of your windows and doors.
  • Security film is made from layers of film vs Riot Glass, which is made from strong polycarbonate sheets. 
  • Security film may deter entry for 1-2 minutes vs Riot Glass, which is designed to prevent entry completely.
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The best solutions for you


3M Ultra
Security Film

Basic Security

3M Ultra security window film and impact protection adhesive slows entry by up to 2 minutes, giving the police time to respond to a security event. Not suitable for prolonged break-in attempts and protection.


3M Ultra Security Film + Anchoring

Advanced Security Film Protection

Three layers of protection. 3M Ultra security film, impact protection adhesive, and exterior security film. Delay break-in attempts for twice as long as regular film.


Riot Glass Safety Window FiIm

Maximum Security

Extremely durable “set it and forget it” maximum security solution fits over your existing doors and windows for an invisible, riot-proof shield that blocks break-in and looting attempts.

See how Riot Glass compares with regular glass.

Watch Riot Glass protect this gas station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really look just like my existing window glass?

All Riot Glass products are available in 100% transparent options. If you install the thickest panels available, the visual sharpness of the glass may be slightly affected. Still, the difference is so minimal that you are unlikely to notice a change.

Is it difficult to clean Riot Glass?

You can use the same cleaning methods on Riot Glass products that you would use to clean regular glass. In fact, Riot Glass products have a protective coating that makes them more resistant to scratching and marring, so they can withstand even the most rigorous cleanings.

Can I keep my lettering and graphics?

That depends on the particular product and where the signage is displayed. A Riot Glass security consultant can advise you further during an onsite inspection. Contact us today for more information on Riot Glass or to schedule a consultation and receive an estimate.

Make your work place a fortress!