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Protect Your Business with Riot Glass

Protect Your Business with Riot Glass, Installed by ClimatePro

If you want your business to be safer and more secure, we highly recommend a safety glass product like Riot Glass. Since your glass windows and doors are the weakest points of any building, making them stronger makes good sense. While window film can offer a measure of protection, some business owners want more. This is where Riot Glass comes in.

Protect Your Business with Riot Glass, Installed by ClimatePro

What is Riot Glass?

Unlike window film, which is applied directly to the interior or exterior of a window, Riot Glass is put in front of it. This is usually described as being on top of the glass, aka retrofitted. This method of application means that it is essentially a clear shield. (Note: Riot Glass is not recommended for older buildings or windows with damaged or deteriorating framing.)But a shield is only as good as its strength and durability, and this is where Riot Glass shines.

Riot Glass is a heat-treated safety system made from polycarbonate sheets. Unlike tempered glass, which is designed to shatter, Riot Glass is specially made to withstand forced or accidental intrusion. It is designed to offer business owners the highest level of safety and security possible. It is bullet-resistant and designed to stay intact, even after repeated impacts. It is an excellent choice for schools, offices, storefronts, and more.

Protect Your Business with Riot Glass, Installed by ClimatePro

ClimatePro - The Bay Area’s Riot Glass Experts

We are proud to offer Riot Glass to our San Francisco Bay Area neighbors and business owners. You can see one of our most recent installations: a dental office in Dublin, CA. Our team is ready to help you to make your place of work a more secure one. Get started with a free Riot Glass consultation here or give us a call at 707.755.7337
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