Crimsafe: The Best Security Screens for Alameda Homes

Crimsafe: The Best Security Screens for Alameda Homes


What is the best security screen system for Alameda, CA homes? It’s the same security system that has transformed homes in Benecia, Oakland, San Francisco, and other cities in the Bay Area: Crimsafe. This strong and durable security system is the best of the best, and we highly recommend it. Why?

The Benefits of Crimsafe

The Crimsafe security barrier is created using a patented ‘Screw-Clamped’ Mesh design. The mesh is placed between two serrated aluminum pieces and clamped tightly together using stainless steel screws. A rubber bead separates the components, preventing corrosion and ensuring durability. The mesh is made of specially woven stainless steel that is 0.9mm thick, making it stronger than other alternatives on the market. These details add up to this: Crimsafe is extremely strong. Attempts to cut the mesh or kick it open are met with great resistance.

Are Crimsafe security screens able to deal with the various weather conditions in the Bay Area? Yes! Crimsafe security screens are rigorously tested to withstand natural environmental exposure. The screens are protected with by a special powder coating process, delivering a durable and long-lasting finish.

Another popular question about Crimsafe has to do with escaping from inside the home. Crimisafe’s S-Cape® system offers quick and effortless evacuation in case of emergencies. Even a child can operate it! You can learn more about the S-Cape® system here.

ClimatePro: Your Bay Area Crimsafe Specialists

ClimatePro specializes in installing Crimsafe security screens in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us for a free estimate. You can call us at (707) 569-9098 or start online hereFinancing is available.

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