Crimsafe Security Screens for Oakland CA Homes

Crimsafe Security Screens for Oakland CA Homes

Crimsafe Security Screens for Oakland CA Homes

Crimsafe is a perfect security solution for Oakland, CA homeowners. ClimatePro believes that every family deserves to be safe. That’s why we are happy to offer Crimsafe to our Bay Area customers. We even offer financing. This customer in Oakland, CA wanted to secure their doors and windows. The screens have a number of benefits that San Francisco Bay Area homeowners are finding to be very beneficial. Here’s one reason.

Crimsafe‘s Mesh is Tough

One of the features that make Crimsafe a great choice for Oakland homeowners is the mesh. This mesh is so unique, that it didn’t exist before Crimcase created it! Prior to Crimsafe, no other company had a mesh that is .9mm permium-grade steel. Crimsafe had to make have custom machinery build to create their patented mesh technology. It is so tough, that if you stab it with a knife, you will not be able to make a hold in the mesh. An intruder can attempt to use their body weight to try to make a bigger hole, but it simply will not work.

Other features of Crimsafe’s mesh is that it is securely held in place by serrated aluminum clamps. These clamps are then screwed together with tamper-resistant stainless steel screws. This creates an airtight seal. Every component mentioned has a layer of rubber beading which eliminates electrolysis, preventing corrosion. The special powder coating on the screens is tough too. It is cured in an oven, making the coating incredibly strong. Crimsafe has tested the coating by simulating 30 years of environmental exposure. The results? No signs of corrosion, adhesion loss, or blistering.

ClimatePro – Your Crimsafe Specialists

This project is one of the many Crimsafe installations that we’ve completed in 2020. Crimsafe is available for doors, windows, patio enclosures, and more. The ClimatePro team has a reputation for providing the best products, installation, and customer service to homeowners in Oakland, CA. Learn more about Crimsafe here. You can contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll help you get started. With offices in North Bay, San Francisco, and San Jose, we can be reached at (707) 569-9098.

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