Different Window Security Screens Explained

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Different window security screens explained

There is a wide variety of security screens we can make. This ultimately depends on your window type and desired function. Below, we will explain all the various kinds.

Different window security screens explained

Crimsafe has a flexible range of installation methods to suit any size or type of window. This includes fixed, hinged, casement-style, sliding windows, or louvers.

Fixed window screens

Crimsafe fixed panel windows are non-moving panels. They can be installed flush to your window frames. Additionally, they can be reveal-fitted using our angled frame or fitted in the fly screen track of the window. Fixed window security screens are often the best option for securing louvers or sash windows. This is the case, provided these windows do not form part of an emergency exit procedure. The Safe-S-Cape® emergency exit system cannot be applied to fixed window security screens since no moving parts exist.

Hinged window screens

Crimsafe hinged window screens are hinged along their sides or top to swing outward or inward. Hinged windows are ideal for single and multi-panel sliding windows. They are also ideal for double-hung windows, single and multiple hoppers, casement windows, louvers, and fixed and sliding combinations.

Emergency exit window security screens

Crimsafe has designed Safe-S-Capes®, a keyless emergency exit system that secures your windows against intruders. However, they still allow you to get out quickly and easily if needed. Safe-S-Capes can be hinged or sliding, making them suitable to fit hinged, sash, or sliding windows. The one-touch release system ensures your fast escape, without compromising the exceptionally strong security that Crimsafe is known for.

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