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By submitting, you authorize ClimatePro to reach out via phone, email, or text for explicit information about project needs. We will never share your personal information with 3rd parties for marketing purposes or spam you. You can opt out at any time. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. Terms and conditions | Privacy Policy

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Window tinting gives you the ability to minimize energy waste and control natural light.

ClimatePro Installs Window Film and Security Screens Throughout The San Francisco Bay Area


We’ve been installing Window Film for 45 years from Napa to San Jose

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Kellen Crestani
Kellen Crestani
ClimatePro was amazing from start to finish! From initial consultation, pricing, and then installation. Each person we were in contact with was friendly and efficient; what a novel concept. We highly recommend them for 3M film.
Ron Arenson
Ron Arenson
They placed film on french doors that we recently replaced. As before, great service.
Jill Cooper
Jill Cooper
Film was placed on the outside of many sun facing windows of my home. I am very happy with the result. My house has less glare inside and the house is noticeably cooler in warmer weather. I am eager to see how they do in really hot weather. It has been a few weeks with no problems at all. The whole process was done professionally from start to finish from meeting with the estimator, who was very responsive to questions and concerns in person and by phone, and with the installation, with both men being careful with my garden and reexamining all the film placement. I can thoroughly recommend Climate Pro.
Jill McIntire
Jill McIntire
We wanted five high windows filmed in order to both lower the glare and the afternoon temperatures. We had both excellent telephone and in person conversations to help us decide on which film to use. The two installers were efficient and they cleaned up well after the job (always a plus!). The five windows needed the use of ladders and the entire install took about two hours. Wonderful difference already.
Janice Day
Janice Day
We just recently moved to the area and want to give a BIG shout-out to Dan, from Climate Pro Window Film! He is an amazing professional. I highly recommend him if you are in need of window tinting for your home or office. We were considering tinting the windown in our home. He actually told us that it wasn't time for our windows to be tinted, and that the current tinting might have about five more years of life in them! We were so impressed by his honestly, kindness and professionalism. We've worked with a lot of companies through the years. Climate Pro needed a high five! We are so grateful to Dan and will definitely be calling him again in the future!!
Dean Carvalho
Dean Carvalho
Professional, responsive and friendly. From initial call to installation they were great to work with. When I expressed concern that the installation would leave my newly painted (black) walls with streaks from the water dripping they agreed and offered me a solution by suggesting I go with an exterior product. I was relieved and a week later they came back to install it and I couldn’t be happier.
Alice Kulka
Alice Kulka
We had 40 year old clouded window film on our roof windows to minimize heat build up. We wanted to be able to look out to see the sky and trees but still reduce heat transmittal and sun damage to furnishings. Setting up a consultation with ClimatePro was efficient. Dave came out within a couple of days with samples of film, discussed the best options, and gave us an estimate before he left. Accepting the proposal was also efficient with on-line deposit payments and then a choice of installation dates. The installer knew exactly what to do and within a few hours we had sun and heat blocking film with a clear view of the sky and more natural light in our rooms. I'd recommend ClimatePro to anyone considering window film.
Sara Malone
Sara Malone
Great product, great service.
Jamal Hadid
Jamal Hadid
As always, showed up on time, professional and courteous and cleaned up afterwards. Great job every time! I use them for residential and commercial, never had an issue.

ClimatePro offers a variety of window film solutions for homes and businesses.

Protect your family, improve your comfort and prolong the life of your valuables.


ClimatePro has made it as easy as to find answers to your most frequently asked questions about window film and security screens.

A very common customer request – A window that you can see through during the day, but can give you privacy at night, even with the lights on.

Sadly, we have to inform you there is no such thing. There is no film that is transparent (allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen) during the day and at the same time blocks the view from the outside at night when you have the light on inside.

All glass in windows reflects a certain amount of light; the percentage reflected depends on the type of glass in the window. The higher the efficiency of the window, the more light it reflects. During a very bright day, a passerby would probably not be able to see through a high-efficiency window into your home, this is because the amount of light being reflected is greater than the amount of light coming out of your house.

The same principle applies at night when you are inside your home. If you try to look through your window at night in a brightly lit room, you would probably see your own reflection, because the amount of light being reflected is greater than the amount of light coming from the outside. Furthermore, since a window only reflects a percentage of visible light, the light that is not being reflected is going through the window and into the dark street. This, of course, would enable any passerby to see through your window.

This question is probably one of the more important questions because the wrong window film can, in fact, cause your glass to crack. The reason that window film can make glass crack is due to the film absorbing too much heat. This is why it’s important to know whether your glass is a single pane or dual pane because there are certain window films that are appropriate for each one.

With proper window film selection (that’s where we come in) there is little risk to your windows, seals, or frames. In fact, we offer warranties against such things as thermal breakage and seal failures (when applicable). Contact us for more information.

If you love your house plants and are worried that window film will harm them, take heart. Window film blocks UV rays but not the red and blue rays that plants need to live. These two colors are not part of the UV color spectrum, which can be harmful to humans.  Window film also helps to regulate room temperatures and moisture. It really contributes to creating a stable environment for your plants by minimizing intense sunlight. In most cases, the best practice is to see how plants fair in spaces with new window film. Most plants will adjust to window film just fine.

Window film is one of the more cost-effective window treatments you can install. In terms of how much window film costs, prices vary based on several factors. The type of window film, the size of the job, the working conditions, and the timeframe. Window film prices are generally based on the square footage of glass your project has, and just so you get an idea of numbers, on average, a solar film can cost anywhere between $8/sqft to $18/sqft. Our team will be able to go into further detail about pricing when they meet or speak with you and can show you different samples of what you are interested in as well as what they cost. For more information on pricing, you can read our cost and pricing article here. You can also get a quick online estimate from us in your email here.

We can remove any window film without damaging your glass surface. While window film can be removed, it isn’t easily removable in the sense that you need to worry about it falling off over time. If properly maintained, window film can last several years in both residential and commercial settings.

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