How Much Does a Window Film Installation Cost?

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How Much Does a Window Film Installation Cost?

Several factors affect the cost of a window tinting project. When considering the cost, remember that window tinting is often half or less the cost of removing and replacing your existing windows. 

When it comes to the cost of home window tinting, generally, the price range to budget for your home window tinting project spans from $750 to $5,000 per project.

Commercial projects represent a much greater variety in size and scope than residential jobs, which results in a much broader price range that can run from $750 to $25,000-plus per project.

Auto Window Tinting

Apologies if you are strictly seeking auto window tinting and have read down this far, but ClimatePro does not install auto window tinting. You can find our list of the Top 5 car window tinting companies in the Bay Area here.

As you can see, the price range estimates for window tinting projects are broad. Going forward, know that the two primary factors affecting the price of your window tinting project are the type of window tint or film used and your timeline for project completion. See our cost breakdown chart here.