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3M Prestige Exterior window film is a great option for increased performance for specific applications, hard to access windows and glass and possibly better heat and light control.

Let in the light. Not the heat. Superior comfort and clarity designed to maintain the appearance of your home. 3M Prestige Exterior Series window films combine lower than glass reflectivity with film options that allow most of the light into your home. 3M Prestige Exterior Series window films allow 40% to 70% of the natural light into your home. The only thing you'll see day or night, inside or out, is a beautiful window.

  • Allows high transmission of natural light into your home to provide excellent aesthetics.
  • Multi-layer film rejects up to 97% of infrared light so you can enjoy energy savings and enhanced comfort.
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity let you enjoy the views from inside while maintaining an attractive look from outside.
  • Non-metallized window film lets you stay connected with mobile devices without interference and no chance for corrosion.
  • Significantly blocks the amount of harmful UV rays that cause fading, helping to extend the life of furnishings.
  • Prestige Series film can become carbon negative in as short as 6 months from install.
  • Includes a comprehensive warranty from 3M.

Glass windows help make your home beautiful and inviting. But sunlight can create excessive heat and expose your family and possessions to damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Let in the light but keep out the heat and damaging UV rays without impacting your home’s aesthetics or your view. Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. Prestige Series Exterior window films use non-metallized, multi-layer optical film and nano-technology to reject up to 97% of the sun's infrared light and reject up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. These films also reject up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays to reduce fading of your furnishings. These industry-leading, spectrally-selective films are designed to keep you cool, comfortable and protected.

CONSUMER WARRANTY: Selecting 3M Window Films gives you piece of mind. That's because we have one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get; backed by a company you know and trust. 3M Window Films come with a limited-lifetime warranty when professionally installed on your home.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this product it is only sold through authorized 3M Window Film dealers. Contact us today for more information.

3M Prestige Series Exterior window film comes in five levels of protection, Prestige 40X, Prestige 70X, ans Prestige 90X. (See chart for specific performance specifications.)

  PR40X PR70X PR90X
Visible Light Transmitted 42% 71% 88%
Visible Reflection Exterior 6% 7% 9%
Visible Reflection Interior 5% 7% 9%
UV Rejection 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 61% 52% 36%