How Much do CrimSafe Security Screens Cost?

Learn more about why so many customers in the San Francisco Bay Area are choosing Crimsafe for their home security needs.

Have you wondered: How much do Crimsafe security screens cost? This is the most common question we receive from customers about our Crimsafe security screen system. It makes sense. Our potential customers want to know the exact costs before they make any time or financial commitments.

It’s true that Crimsafe costs more than ordinary screens. But if you’re looking for a system that outperforms in strength and safety,  Crimsafe stands apart from other security screens.

Why? Not only does it offer the former features, but it also maximizes the comfort and appeal of your home.

So how much do CrimSafe security screens costs? The short answer, it depends. Each Crimsafe screen is customized to fit each door or window. We do this to make sure that the screens are of the highest quality. More importantly, this ensures that they provide the most secure protection. 

Most security screens come in standard sizes and then need to be modified to fit doors and windows. In contrast, each Crimsafe screen is tailored to suit your window or door so that it fits perfectly.

This is important because, in order to provide the safest protection, the screens need to fit properly. This ensures that they cover the entire opening of your window or door. Otherwise, there could be vulnerabilities in the security we give you.

To determine the final cost of your project, we ask the following important questions during your consultation: 

  • What are the dimension of the door, window or outside area?
  • Do you need door tracks?
  • Do we need a frame build-out to make the screen fit correctly?
  • Are there existing bars or grilles that need to be removed?
  • Do you need a door threshold extender or repair?
  • Do you want a custom color? 
  • Is scaffolding or ladders necessary to install high window screens?

All of these answers contribute to the final cost of your installation. We are happy to give you a breakdown of costs. Here are some preliminary cost parameters:

  • Crimsafe windows start at a cost of approximately $450.00
  • Crimsafe doors start at a cost of approximately $2000.00
  • Crimsafe patio door and french doors start at approximately $3800
  • Crimsafe patio enclosures start at approximately $7500

Let’s break down the details that affect pricing.

Part 1
The size of your windows

Part 1: The size of your windows

The overall size of your window or door has a huge impact on the costs of each Crimsafe screen. Every Crimsafe window and door frame is a slightly different size and shape. Most of the time, they’re not exactly square. The bigger the window, the more materials are needed to construct the  screen, which contributes to the final cost.  

All of our Crimsafe screens are individually customized., Hence there are no ‘standard’ or pre-manufactured Crimsafe doors or windows available. Some factors that affect pricing are:

  • Special handling may be required depending on the size
  • Additional labor may be needed to handle the size of the screen

In order to provide you with a quote, we need to know the measurement of each door or window opening. This allows us to assess which Crimsafe products are most appropriate to your needs.

Part 2
Other Crimsafe pricing factors

Part 2: Other Crimsafe pricing factors

Your Crimsafe screens may require a build-out. What is a build-out? A build-out enhances your current frame and may be necessary for the proper fit of your Crimsafe installation. When is this needed? Only if the frame around your door or window is old, rotting, or not structurally sound and you choose to not have it repaired.  This is because Crimsafe products are attached to this framework. A weak framework will compromise the integrity of the screen’s security. Hence, our installers will construct a build-out and attach it to the building frame.

We may also need to add a threshold or sill extender to your existing door in order for a perfect fit. Finally, we may need to consult you if your window and door trim or frame needs repair due to old age or water damage. These essential repairs can increase the final cost.

Part 3
Crimsafe features and additions

Part 3: Crimsafe features and additions

There are different options to consider when selecting when your Crimsafe screens. These modifications or additions can increase the pricing. Some of them are:

  • Hinged or fixed screens
  • Safe-S-cape option 
  • Regular or Ultimate frames
  • Exterior security keys

Part 4
What Crimsafe products are available?

Part 4: What Crimsafe products are available?

What Is Crimsafe? Crimsafe is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system. It is used to secure windows, doors, and outdoor areas that are at risk for intruders and insects.

Crimsafe screens are custom-built and can be made to fit doors, windows, or outdoor areas. This includes patio enclosures and pool fencing. Crimsafe security screen doors can be built for:

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Stacking doors

For windows, Crimsafe’s security screens can be made for:

  • Fixed windows
  • Hinged windows
  • Single, double and triple sliding windows
  • Safe-S-Cape (keyless window exits)

Part 5
Are Crimsafe screens worth the cost?

Part 5: Are Crimsafe screens worth the cost?

It’s a fair question to ask. Being that each screen is custom made to fit your window and door naturally makes it more expensive then regular screens or pre-made security screen doors you may find at large home improvement stores.

After carefully considering the many security screen manufacturers and door companies, we confidently choose to carry Crimsafe. We’ve been in business for more than forty years and we don’t want to do anything that will damage our reputation with our customers. While Crimsafe products are not the cheapest option available, we feel it is the best choice for our customers. Why? Because it provides the most value due to its superior build quality, patented framing system, and a stronger screen mesh than the competitors.

In addition, we value the long history of the Crimsafe product which started in Australia in 1996. Today, the screens for North America are made in Southern California. This allows us to have a great collaboration with the factory and manufacturing of our customer’s screens.

All of these factors lead us to believe that Crimsafe security screens are a great value or our customers and worth the investment.

Still not sure? Contact us today to speak with a security screen specialist. 

Part 6
Crimsafe is known for two special features

Part 6: Crimsafe is known for two special features

  1. ‘Screw-Clamped’ Mesh – Can’t Be Kicked Out!

The Crimsafe mesh is placed between two serrated pieces of aluminum that clamp the mesh airtight. One of the pieces of aluminum is a strip with a hook while the other is the frame the hook goes into. All three pieces are then screwed together with stainless steel, tamper-resistant screws. All components of the Crimsafe are separated by a rubber bead that helps eliminate electrolysis, which leads to corrosion. In the end, you have a barrier that cannot be kicked in. This process is internationally patented and unique.

  1. Crimsafe®‘s Mesh is 0.9mm /.035″ Thick and Meticulously Woven

Crimsafe using a special stainless steel mesh that is uniquely made to be stronger than all other solutions. This makes it very difficult to cut through Crimsafe mesh technology. If you force any sharp object or knife into the Crimsafe mesh, holes may occur, but you will never be able to fit through them. That’s because the mesh is an incredible ‘shear’ resistance. This means that an intruder will not be able to make a hole in the mesh by stabbing it. In turn,  any attempt to make the hole bigger by using body weight and dragging the knife through it will fail.

Another fact to prove that Crimsafe mesh is rather remarkable is that before it came onto the market, no other company was able to weave a .9mm premium-grade security steel. A wire products manufacturer had to be brought on board and make customized machinery before this could actually be done.

Last but not least, the black coating on the mesh helps the mesh’s lifespan and appearance. It is a highly durable coating that contains special additives that help ensure long life and satisfactory appearance. This is part of Crimsafes 10 year warranty

Learn more about Crimsafe features. 

Whether you’re interested in a single security door or an entire security system, ClimatPro can help you match the right Crimsafe security screen to your home. Contact us today for a free home security evaluation.

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