The Window Film Buying Process

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The Window Tinting Buying Process

The window tinting buying process can be divided into six steps. We’ve explained each one below and given an estimate of how much time is involved:

  • Product Selection
  • Estimating
  • Quote Presented 
  • Customer Sign-Off 
  • Order Processing and Production
  • Installation 

Product Selection – One day to several weeks (highly variable, with the time frame dependent in large part upon the customer)

The first step when purchasing window tinting is determining which window tint or film is right for your project. For most window tinting projects, this process can be simple and be done quickly, usually in one day. 

Large or more complex projects may require numerous on-site meetings to collect all details and specifications. This may add additional time to the selection process. Our team will work with you to make this process as time efficient as possible.

Estimating – One to two days

In general, we need to understand the scope of the project, window access points, specific window sizes, types, and conditions, and gain a general idea of working conditions. This can be accomplished in different ways. A ClimpatePro technician can visit your home or business for an on-site review, or you can send us pertinent information and work with someone from our team via phone, email, and/or text messages (your choice). If you choose the latter, we will need to ask lots of questions, request photos or videos, and need you to conduct many measurements for us. You can also use our product selector tool and get an instant estimate here.

Quote Presented – One to two days

We strive to work quickly to get you a quote for the scope of work. In general, we try to get a quote to you no later than 48 hours after an on-site visit or full consultation on your project’s scope of work. However, it may take longer, depending on the project type.

Customer Sign-Off on Estimate – Variable (dependent on the customer)

Once you receive our quote for your window tinting project, the ball is in your court, and we await your decision on moving forward with the job. We may call or email you to follow up on our estimate to see if you have any questions or concerns during this process, but unlike many other companies, we never resort to high-pressure sales tactics.

Order Processing and Production – One to 10 days (depending on project scope)

If you choose to move forward with the project (Yay!), our team will begin processing your order. This includes verifying material amounts needed, ordering them if necessary, scheduling your installation, and starting production if necessary. Some complex projects require pre-on-site production work before we can start the installation. This can include pre-cutting or otherwise processing the materials needed for your project. Our team works diligently behind the scenes to make this part of the job seamless.


Everything comes together for the installation. Most projects are completed within a day with little disruption to your home life or business operations. If your project is larger and requires several days or weeks to complete, our team will work with you to time this according to your needs and schedule.