Window Film Costs

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Window Film Costs

We have written a comprehensive article on window tinting cots here, which we try to keep updated regularly. The article is designed to show you why window tinting pricing can be so highly variable, depending upon your needs and application. Further, it helps guide your decision-making in choosing the right window tinting.

DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Unless you are willing to dedicate some serious time to watching videos and reading step-by-step installation instructions, it is probably best to leave this to the professionals. The issues in installation work that usually trip people up are:

  • Cutting the film to precisely the right size
  • Cutting in a straight line
  • Cutting in an arch (for arched windows)
  • Removing the film backing without creasing the film
  • Not leaving any fingerprints on the film
  • Successfully applying the film without any air bubbles

Accounting for bigger windows or tall glass doors—it is safe to say that successfully installing window tinting on these without the assistance of at least one other person is next to impossible.