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3M Prestige Window Tint for San Francisco Homes

3M Prestige Window Tint for San Francisco Homes - Installed by ClimatePro

Our team gets to see some of the most amazing homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. But our favorite thing to do is to transform them with window tint. In this case, we were able to turn these lovely windows into UV-protecting powerhouses with 3M Prestige 60 and 70 window tint. Why do we highly recommend this series of window tints?

Why Choose 3M Prestige Series

If you look at our Project Center, you'll find the 3M Prestige series featured heavily. It's a very popular choice for both residential and commercial customers in the Bay Area. 3M's Prestige Series OF films bring together lower glass reflectivity with options that brings light into your home. The film series is identified by the amount of visible light that is transmitted into your home. For instance, 3M Prestige 60 allows 60% of the sun's light into your home. As we did in this home, you can choose different versions for different windows, based on your preference. The film also rejects up to 97% infrared light and blocks UV rays, bringing you energy savings and better comfort.

Ready to transform your windows? Give our Window Film Selector Tool a try. It gives you a glimpse of what window tint can do. Ready to go? Give us a call at 707.755.7337 or get a free estimate here.

3M Prestige Window Tint for San Francisco Homes - Installed by ClimatePro


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