Create a Private Office with Frosted Window Film

Create a Private Office with Frosted Window Film


Privacy in the workspace is essential. While creating a work environment that is collaborative and cooperative is vital, research shows that privacy enhances creativity and productivity. A lack of privacy can affect concentration. How can you create privacy in your workspace without significant construction or adding more furniture? One of the best ways to add privacy to the workspace is by having frosted window film installed.

Create Privacy with Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is a very versatile product. It can be used in various ways to create privacy in your office space. For instance, if you have offices with glass windows and doors, frosted window film can radically transform them. You can choose to completely cover the windows with frosted window film. As you can see in the images, light is still transmitted through the frosted film. However, the frosted film creates a private office. This is a very effective method used in medical offices. You can see another example of this in a medical office in San Anselmo.


What if you don’t want to cover the whole window with frosted window film? Take a look at the above image. Notice that the frosted film creates a band of privacy, with open glass above and below? This is another very common alternative to the open office. You can have privacy at the height you need it without completely closing off the space. We created this exact effect in an office in Marin, CA, using 3M Dusted Crystal Window Film, with great results.


Frosted window film can also be used to create decorative elements. Stripes and other design elements can be made from frosted film. For example, we’ve used 3M Fasara Window Films in many offices to create both private and design-forward spaces. We did this for an office in Novato, CA, which you can see here.

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