Window Film FAQ: What Are The Different Kinds of Window Film?

Window Film FAQ: What Are The Different Kinds of Window Film?

What are the different types of window film?

Another FAQ: What are the different types of window film? This is a question that we want our customers to ask. Truthfully, many customers don’t know that there are a variety of window films (or window tints) available. We firmly believe that an educated customer is the best kind of customer. That’s why we’ve produced the Window Film Cost Guide. Let’s talk about the types of window films that are available.

Different Kinds of Window Film

What kinds of film is available? Based on your needs, there is a window tint that is perfect for your home or office. Additionally, it’s is good to note that hiring a well-respected installation company, like ClimatePro, puts you in touch with those who understand what films are available. Here are 6 types of the most popular window films: Privacy, Security, Solar, insulating, Spectrally selective, and Anti-Graffiti. Each type of film discussed in our Window Film Cost Guide. When you take a look at the chart you’ll also see some estimated prices. You’ll find more FAQs there as well. Here’s another popular question: how are window tints priced?

How Are Window Film Installations Priced?

Usually, window tinting is priced by square foot. Generally, the pricing includes the film, labor costs, and equipment used to install. You don’t need a permit to have window tint installed. However, in the state of California, you are required to hire a licensed contractor. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right window film contractor, including a handy downloadable checklist. To see a full breakdown of costs and a description of each of the mentioned films, head over to our Window Film Cost Guide.

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