The Complete Guide to Window Security Screens

Security Screens 101: Everything you need to know about security screens.

What is a Crimsafe security screen?

Crimsafe is a unique security screen system that has revolutionized the way Bay Area customers can protect their home or business. Crimsafe security screens are made of stainless steel security mesh that is screwed into a frame. It is then clamped down with a Screw Clamp, a patented clamp exclusive to Crimsafe. The Screw Clamp is a key reason why Crimsafe is so strong and able to keep out intruders. All other mesh security screens available are held in place by a wedging system or they are simply glued in.

Crimsafe is not only incredibly strong, but it is aesthetically pleasing. From a distance, Crimsafe simply looks like a regular window screen. It also serves the same purpose; allowing you to open your windows in summer while keeping insects out. More importantly, Crimsafe also keeps out intruders, giving your family the safe home they deserve. 

Why do people invest in Crimsafe security screens?

Our customers invest in security screens for their homes and business for a variety of reasons. The primary motivation is for security and safety. However, there are many auxiliary benefits that improve our customer’s lifestyles. The screens can obviously keep out bugs, just as a traditional screen would. However, they also allow airflow and the ability to leave your windows open when you otherwise wouldn’t. With its incredible strength and security, you can rest assured knowing you and your family are safe. 

Another benefit of Crimsafe security screens is that they improve the curb appeal of our home. They were designed with appearance in mind. These benefits allows our customer to remove unsightly bars and grilles from their homes. Whether you live in a house, townhouse, or apartment, Crimsafe security screen doors can work for you. They look great, keep your home secure, and provide a whole range of other lifestyle benefits.

What kind of different types of security screens are there?

There is a wide variety of security screens we can make. This ultimately depends on your window type and desired function. Below, we will explain all the various kinds.

Different window security screens explained:

Crimsafe has a flexible range of installation methods to suit any size or type of window. This includes fixed, hinged, casement-style, sliding windows, or louvers.

Fixed window screens

Crimsafe fixed panel windows are non-moving panels. They can be installed flush to your window frames. Additionally, the can be reveal-fitted using our angled frame, or fitted in the fly screen track of the window. Fixed window security screens are often the best option for securing louvers or sash windows. This is the case, provided these windows do not form part of an emergency exit procedure. The Safe-S-Cape® emergency exit system cannot be applied to fixed window security screens, since there are no moving parts.

Hinged window screens

Crimsafe hinged window screens are hinged along their sides or top to swing outward or inward. Hinged windows are ideal for single and multi-panel sliding windows. They are also ideal for double-hung windows, single and multiple hoppers, casement windows, louvers, and fixed and sliding combinations.

Emergency exit window security screens

Crimsafe has designed Safe-S-Capes®, a keyless emergency exit system that secures your windows against intruders. However, they still allow you to get out quickly and easily if needed. Safe-S-Capes can be hinged or sliding, making them suitable to fit hinged, sash, or sliding windows. The one-touch release system ensures your fast escape, without compromising the exceptionally strong security that Crimsafe is known for.

Where are Crimsafe Screens Made?

Although Crimsafe was started in Australia, it now has multiple divisions worldwide. Crimsafe USA manufactures its product in La Mirada, California, a city in the southeast part of Los Angeles county.  This is great news for ClimatePro customers since we can now work directly with the factory. This ensures the highest quality and the quickest timeline to get your installation completed. 

How Strong is Crimsafe?

For a premium security product, you’d expect it to be strong and Crimsafe delivers. How? Crimsafe features Screw-Clamp™ technology. The mesh is securely attached to the frame and is clamped down with a vise-like grip. This means that Crimsafe security screens are incredibly secure. 

When the screen is hit by an impact like a kick, Crimsafe is designed to spread the load around the whole frame and back into the structure of the building. This results in Crimsafe being able to resist incredible impacts without compromise. 

What about the mesh itself? It is made out of 0.9mm diameter 304 structural grade stainless steel wire strands and is woven together very tightly. The weave creates support for surrounding strands, increasing the integrity of the mesh.

Does Crimsafe Rust?

Crimsafe mesh is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel which on its own, has a lifespan of approximately 65 years. High-grade pre-treatment and high durability powder coat technologies are applied to further protect and enhance the finished Crimsafe product. Airborne impurities can build up on the surface of the mesh and frame. This may oxidize and cause a change in color but, provided the powder coating remains intact, Crimsafe mesh will not rust.

How much do Crimsafe Security Screens cost?

Crimsafe window security screens are custom-made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit even if your window opening is not completely square. This means the costs vary based upon your windows and application. We’ve made a detailed cost and pricing guide that gives an in-depth overview of the costs.

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ClimatePro has specialized in home and business security products for over forty years. We’ve offered security and blast mitigation window films, auxiliary glazing systems, and window coverings for thousands of homes and high-profile businesses. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, installation, and service.

The strength of a Crimsafe screen begins with the incredibly tough mesh. Equally important is the patented frame and Screw Clamp™ technology that keeps the screen securely in place. Our installation experts fit Crimsafe security screens with care and precision so your screens look as good as they function.

Whether you’re interested in a single security door or an entire security system, we’ll help you match the right Crimsafe security screen to your home. Contact us today for a free home security evaluation.

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