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3M Prestige Window Film for San Francisco Homes

We highly recommend 3M Prestige window film to our San Francisco, CA customers. Although some may think of San Francisco as a city that doesn't have a lot of hot days, it does have 259 days of sunlight on average. With that much sunlight, it makes good sense to install window film. The Prestige series is a great choice, especially with the number of people who are working from home.  It looks great when installed and offers a number of benefits. This client wanted to add window film to their living room. As you can see in the images, it looks great too. Should you get 3M Prestige window film for your home?  Here are some reasons why you should.

3M Prestige Window Film for San Francisco Homes3M Prestige Window Film - A Great Choice

If you want a greater ability to control the temperature in your home, you will want this window film. Utilizing nanotechnology, 3M Prestige uses multi-layers of metal-free film, made with their patented nanotechnology. These layers help to reduce the amount of heat entering the home from the sun. This is especially helpful during the warmer summer months. Reducing your energy bill and eliminating hotspots is another benefit. You might think that a film that reduces heat would make your home dark. However, it has really good light transmission, so your home won't feel dark. All of these factors make it a great choice for all San Francisco Bay Area residents. Download more info about 3M Prestige here.

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