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3M Safety Window Film for San Francisco Homes

3M Safety Window Film for San Francisco HomesHave you considered 3M Safety Window film for your home? This homeowner did and the results are pretty stellar. A staircase like this doesn't need anything to obscure it. However, the homeowner wanted to protect their family and preserve this work of art. Why invest in 3M Safety Window film for your home? Here are some good reasons to consider it.

Why Choose 3M Safety Window Film 

There are some really compelling reasons to have 3M Safety Window film installed in your home. The primary benefit is that this film holds the glass in place in case of breakage. It's visually clear and gets its strength from its thickness. Broken glass fragments pose a real threat to your family and can increase the odds of injuries. 3M Safety Window film holds the glass in place during impact.

You can probably understand why having a residential staircase protected with it makes sense. But there are other reasons to install this film. Providing a layer of strength to your windows will also slow down intruders. It can also hold your glass in place during severe weather and earthquakes.

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