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3M Sun Control Film for Belvedere Tiburon Homes

3M Sun Control Film for Belvedere Tiburon Homes by ClimatePro

Belvedere Tiburon is one of the most beautiful locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you live in Bel Tiburon, as it is often called, you get to experience over 260 days of sunlight every year. While that is great for creating stunning views, it can wreak havoc with your furnishings. Art, curtains, furniture, and pianos can all be damaged by the sun's intense UV rays. You can protect yourself and your furnishings with window tint (also called window film).

The home you see in this picture was protected by a professional installation of 3M Neutral window tint. Why did this homeowner choose 3M Neutral window tint and why may it be a great film for your Bay Area home?

3M Sun Control Film for Belvedere Tiburon Homes

Why Choose 3M Neutral Window Film

3M Neutral window film is characterized by its low reflectivity and neutral gray color. The coloring is due to the special metallic coating that will not fade or change color. Many of our customers appreciate the soft grey hue. As you can see in the image, there is still plenty of daylight entering the room. What isn't entering are harmful UV rays, which this film protects your home against. This means the flooring, curtains, and that beautiful piano are all protected from fading.

3M Neutral window film also has a unique abrasion-resistant coating, making it even more durable. You can have a sense of security when you have your window tint installed, thanks to 3M's comprehensive warranty.

This window film can only be installed by professionals. That's why so many Bay Area homeowners have let the ClimatePro team take care of their window tint needs. Give our Window Film Selector Tool a try. It gives you a glimpse of what window tint can do for you. Ready to go? Give us a call at 707.755.7337 or get a free estimate here.



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