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4 Skylight Window Film Projects Every Homeowner Should See

4 Skylight Window FIlm Projects Every Homeowner Should See

Can you put window film or window tint on skylights? Yes, you can! There are a lot of skylights in the San Francisco Bay Area, and ClimatePro has covered many of them with 3M Window Film. In this post, we'll share 4 homes with skylights that have been transformed with 3M Window Film.

The first project is the one you see in the above picture. In this San Francisco home, the ClimatePro team installed 3M P18 Sun Control window film. What makes this a great choice for skylights? 3M P18 is a film that provides comfort by reducing the amount of the sun's heat. This makes sense for a skylight, as sunlight tends to pour in freely.  It also blocks 99% of the sun's harmful and skin cancer-causing UV rays. 

Want to see more examples of skylights with window film? Here are 3 other skylight projects for you to discover.

4 Skylight Window FIlm Projects Every Homeowner Should See


This home in Bodega Bay has a few skylights in it. They certainly look amazing, and you can imagine how much natural light they bring into this lovely home.

However, all that natural light can cause a lot of sun damage if left unchecked and untreated. Furniture can fade and so can art and rugs. Is there a way to keep the sunlight while protecting your furnishings? Of course!

Many customers have discovered the benefits of window film. This wise customer had us install 3M Affinity window tint on their skylights. Now they get to enjoy their skylights while avoiding sun damage.



4 Skylight Window FIlm Projects Every Homeowner Should See

For a customer in Sebastopol, the ClimatePro team installed 3M Sun Control Affinity 15 window film on this skylight. It's a great film for protecting your home at a reasonable cost.

If you want to create a warm space while minimizing the sun's damage, this is a great film for you to consider.

4 Skylight Window FIlm Projects Every Homeowner Should See


Here's another project that highlights one of the major reasons that many customers want window film installed on their skylights.

As you can see, there is some really nice art on those walls, and they are getting an ample amount of sunlight. Since the sun can damage art with its heat and UV rays, protecting it with UV-filtering window tint is a must-do. For this client in San Francisco, CA, we installed 3M's Prestige 70 window tint on the skylight. It offers major sun damage protection that can help to preserve your art and your skin.

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