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5 Commercial Window Film Projects Every Customer Should See

5 Commercial Window Film Projects every customer should see

Wondering if window film is right for your business? These are 5 commercial projects that every customer should see. We’ve helped a ton of businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area with window film. These 5 projects will help you to see just how versatile window film is.

5 Commercial Window Film Projects every customer should see

Create a Private Workspace

Project: Office Space, Menlo Park, CA

Product used: 3M Fasara Window Film

Creating privacy in the workspace is a priority for many companies. The largest concern seems to be creating private spaces, screened off for meetings. This project added 3M Fasara frosted window film to a conference room. The film doesn’t go from top to bottom, just the center of the window. This creates privacy without blocking light. Frosted film like this is a customer favorite, as it filters light and almost seems to glow.

5 Commercial Window Film Projects every customer should see

Control the Sun with Window Film

Project: Office Space, San Francisco

Product used: 3M Night Vision

Hard to deny that view, right? What do you do though, when you want to keep the view, add some privacy, and filter sunlight? 3M Night Vision is the perfect solution. It allows a level of light into this office, but it lowers the impact of the sun. 3M Night Vision film allows 15% to 35% of natural light into your office during the day. The room becomes cooler and it is easier to control the temperature, no matter what time of the year.


Anti-Graffiti Window Film Really Works!

Project: Storefront, San Francisco, CA

Product Used: 3M Anti-Graffiti Film

It makes sense that, in these challenging times, more businesses are looking for ways to keep their businesses secure. 3M Anti-Graffiti film is a great addition to your security plan. It acts as a protective barrier for glass. The films come in 3 varieties and is virtually clear and anti-glare. What about graffiti? Anti-graffiti film protects the glass from graffiti or ‘tagging’, acid-etching, gouges, and scratches. It is way more economical than replacing damaged windows. This is a great way to protect your goods and property.


5 Commercial Window Film Projects every customer should see

Should you choose frosted window film?

Project: Office Space, Cupertino, CA

Product Used: 3M Fasara Milky Milky

What do you do when you want privacy but you don’t want total darkness? You can have both with 3M Fasara film. It’s decorative and protective, which is a great combination. Another benefit is that it reduces glare, which can make employees more productive.


5 Commercial Window Film Projects every customer should see

Decorative Window Film: So Many Options!

Project: Conference Room, San Francisco, CA

Product Used: 3M Dusted Crystal

We can’t talk about commercial window film without talking about decorative film. Our VisualPro team use window film as a medium and can create amazing designs. This conference room is more private, but it’s privacy with style. Head over to VisualPro to see more projects that blend functionality with style.

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