7 Tips for Creating The Perfect Home Office

7 Tips for Creating The Perfect Home Office

7 Tips for Creating The Perfect Home Office

Working from home? According to Fast Company, there are some real advantages to be had. Of course, with COVID-19, many of us are discovering the joys (and the stresses) of the home office. We are not immune here at ClimatePro. We have a few team members who work from home. Here are 7 tips that we’ve found for creating the perfect home office. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

Natural Light

Studies show that picking the right lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to productivity. According to a University of North Carolina study, cold light makes you more productive. And of course, sunlight always makes any room better. Choosing an office space with a window for two can be a real productivity booster.

Pick the Right Lamp

If you’re short on natural light, the same principles apply when it comes to picking a table lamp. Get one with blue or cold light to enhance creativity. Good lighting cuts down on eye strain and headaches. Be sure to position your light away from your monitor to avoid glare. Of course, you’ll want to pick a lamp that looks good too! Try to find a lamp that doesn’t take up too much desk space. 

7 Tips for Creating The Perfect Home Office

Add The Color Green

Want to create a workspace that fosters creative thinking? A study from Stephanie Lichtenfeld at the University of Munich supports the concept that the color green helps enhance creativity. You don’t even have to paint the whole room green to get the benefits; an accent wall will do. Or you can jump to our next tip…

Get Some Green Plants

Not only will green plants help boost your creativity, but it will also purify the air. Cardiff University Lead researcher Marlon Nieuwenhuis even suggests that plants can increase the quality of life for workers and who doesn’t need more of that? Don’t have a green thumb? Choose low maintenance plants like cacti that don’t need to be watered every day. 

Invest in a Good Chair

Investing in a good chair is a must-have for a home office. No, your dining room chair will not do! Purchasing an ergonomically correct chair will ensure that your time spent at your desk is comfortable. Not looking to sit all day? Perhaps you can get a standing desk and mix it up a bit. This is recommended, as many standing desks proponents have now discovered that standing for long periods of time may not be good for your back or feet.

Tech Tools for Home Offices

Having the right tools and equipment are an essential part of designing a home office. Ergonomically correct mice, having a desk at the right height, and finding good storage can really make a difference. Also, picking up a cord organizer will keep those unsightly tech tentacles from taking over. 

Window Film for Home Offices

No post is complete without a plug for window film. ClimatePro can help you select window film for your home office that can reduce glare, help with temperature control, and prevent fading. In fact, if you want to prevent eye strain and make your computer using less of a pain, 3M Window film is a great choice for you.

Ready to bring the benefits of window film to your home office. ClimatePro is ready to assist. Fill out this form for a free consultation today. Want to chat on the phone with a friendly customer service agent? With offices in North Bay, San Francisco, and San Jose, we can be reached at (707) 569-9098.