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Before and After: 3M Prestige Exterior Film for Sun Control

Before and After: 3M Prestige Exterior Film for Sun Control

Here's another before and after that showcases the impact that 3M Prestige Exterior Film can have for sun control. This Walnut Creek, CA homeowner wanted to enjoy the large room overlooking and accessing their deck. What they didn't want was the impact of direct and unfiltered sunlight on their living space. The ClimatePro team recommended the 3M Prestige Exterior Series and the impact is quite considerable. Why do we recommend this window film for sun control? Read on to find some compelling reasons.

Before and After: 3M Prestige Exterior Film for Sun Control

Why Choose 3M Prestige Exterior Window Film

Why choose 3M's Prestige Exterior window film for sun control? One reason is that this window film allows a high transmission of sunlight into your house. Many homeowners prefer this film because they get to keep the benefits of sunshine with the negative impact it can have. What are those? This includes fading of furnishings including carpets, floors, and furniture. Prestige film also reduces glare, which is important for television viewing during the day and using your smartphone and tablets. Blocking UVA rays is a major plus of this film. 3M Prestige Exterior window film blocks up to 97% of those skin-damaging rays. You'll be protecting your family and furnishings at the same time.

Another feature of 3M Prestige Sun Control film is that it has a low interior and exterior reflectivity. Why does this matter? This feature enhances your view from inside your home while maintaining an attractive look on the exterior.  Like all 3M window films that we install, it comes with a comprehensive warranty. Additionally, this popular film can become carbon negative in 6 months after installation. Saving money and protecting your interiors? Yes!

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