Bring the Outdoors Inside with Window Screens

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Window Screens

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Window Screens

During times like these when we are spending more time inside than ever before, the idea of bringing the outside in is very appealing. We are drawn to the outside world: blue skies, cool breezes, beautiful flowers, and more. How can you bring the outdoors in, while staying comfortable this summer? Here are a few tips.

Bring in the Outdoors with Window Screens

Window screens offer a unique way to bring the outdoors in. Not only do window screens keep out insects, but they also allow for free airflow. This means that you get all the benefits of being outdoors without the pests! 

Window screens also can serve another purpose: they can keep your home safe during the summer months as well. As we noted in our last post, residential theft increases during the summer. Most homeowners would agree that having a screen that allows the outside in and that adds a layer of protection against theft would be a good thing, 

We wholeheartedly agree and that’s why we recommend Crimsafe to our customers. One Crimsafe offers a level of security that many window screens don’t. Crimsafe’s featured the unique Screw-Clamp™ technology that securely attaches the screens to the frame. This means that any impact is absorbed into the structure of your home, minimizing damage. Learn more about Crimsafe here

What else can you do to bring the outside world indoors? Here are a few more tips.

Window Screens ClimatePro 1Use Natural in Your Home

Especially in rooms that serve as transition areas from the outside, using natural fibers can extend that outdoorsy feel right into your main living spaces. Materials like jute, hemp, wicker, and rattan can be incorporated into your space, giving it an organic and natural feel. Flooring options like cork, wood, and bamboo are exceptional choices. They feel great underfoot and cork and bamboo are extremely sustainable products.

We’ve also seen the growing trend of using plants as decor and we are all for it. Plants literally help to keep the air clean and caring for them can be very therapeutic. Maintaining indoor plants can be a challenge. Finding the right plants for your home requires a little knowledge. Here are a few tips:

  • Be sure to inspect plants before bringing them indoors. This includes plants you’ve purchased or grown yourself outdoors. Look for signs of disease or pests.
  • Based on the natural light and environment of your home, expect a few leaves to fall. Plants sometimes show signs of shock when they are introduced into a new environment. Usually, they should recover pretty quickly.
  • Be mindful of placing plants in parts of your home where the temperature fluctuates. Also, avoid areas where they might be exposed to direct heat or air conditioning.
  • Make sure your plants get enough light. Good Housekeeping recommends that you provide the right light based on the kind of plant. P
  • Learn more about your individual plants to determine how much water they require.

Here’s a great list of houseplants that are hard to kill. Do you have any other tips for bringing the outdoors inside? Share your comments below or on Instagram. We’d love to hear from you.