Can window film save me money on my energy bill?

Can window film save me money on my energy bill?

Can window film save me money on my energy bill?

Can window film or tint save you money on your energy bill? The answer is yes! Window film can definitely help you to save money. The amount of savings is based on a few factors, but overall, the energy-saving benefits can be noticeable. Here are 3 ways that window film can save you money.


  1. Helps to control the temperature of your home or office
  2. It’s cheaper than installing new windows
  3. Prevents fading and sun damage

Can window film save me money on my energy bill?Control Temperature with Window Film

One of the best money-saving features of window film is its ability to help you control temperatures. Did you know that up to a third of your residential energy costs are from heat loss from windows? That’s a huge expense, as energy costs continue to rise in California. Window film can act as a layer of insulation on your windows, helping you to keep the heat inside.

What about in the warmer months? Does window film help you keep your home or office cool? Yes, it can! Again, its insulating effect can help to keep cool air inside. Also by reducing the sun’s heat impact, it can help you to save on cooling costs. Your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard. Window film helps to eliminate hot spots, allowing you to have an evenly-cooled home.

Window Film vs New Windows

What is the better choice: new windows or window film? Installing new windows can be costly, with the average cost at approximately $4,500. The overall cost is based on the number of windows, window type, the size of the windows. The end cost can be quite costly.

Conversely, window film can be a better option than replacing your windows, at a fraction of the cost. The average payback period for window film can be as little as four years compared to almost 13 years for new window installations.

Can window film save me money on my energy bill?

Prevent Sun Damage with Window Film

Another way that window film can save you money is by preventing sun damage. The sun produces an incredible amount of energy. Some of that is in the form of UV or ultraviolet rays. These UV rays can be very damaging to your furnishings and to your skin. Window film can reduce 99% the most harmful of the UV rays.

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