ClimatePro Goes to Puerto Rico: 2014 3M Prestige Dealer Conference

ClimatePro Goes to Puerto Rico: 2014 3M Prestige Dealer Conference


Jeremy just got back from a great trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Besides soaking up some much needed sunshine, Jeremy came back totally charged up about some of the newest products from 3M. I thought we’d take a few moments to find out what the excitement was all about.

B: I know you saw a ton of great products over there. What’s new? Is there one that really stands out to you?

J: Most definitely. 3M is really leading the way when it comes to innovation in the window film industry. They have their sights set on delivering the best products for todays current market and into the future. It became apparent 3M wants to be the market leader with the most advanced products on the market.

The introduction of their new and improved Low-E window film was of great excitement. Not only does this new Low-E window film look beautiful on windows it performances wonderfully. It would be a great retrofit or alternative to replacing windows to any commercial building or home.

The most impressive product though, is a real game changer. I like to think of it as a “Disruptive Innovation”. This product is 3M Daylight redirecting window film. It’s quite mind blowing!

B: What makes the 3M Daylight redirecting film so amazing?

J: This product can be applied to any window and it literally bends light into the direction that best suits an office. So instead of having light shinning only near windows, it can bend the light up and shoot it back into and office building. This is extremely effective and increasing productive and most importantly saving energy by reducing the amount of interior lights needed for an office building.

B: How could a business benefit from having it installed?

J: It is extremely effective and cost efficient to install, especially when compared to other similar technologies such as light shelves which are expensive and difficult to maintain. Also, what is so unique to this daylighitng film is it does not require any extra infustracture, unlike daylighting shelves or reflective exterior light shelves this film can be installed on almost any window.


B: When will ClimatePro be ready to install the new film?

J: ClimatePro is ready to start helping clients with their daylighting needs now. We have sample kits ready to go for demonstration and we can assist in providing virtual daylighting models to see how it can benefit any workspace.

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