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Commercial Window Tinting for San Jose, CA

3M Safety Window Tint, installed in San Jose, CA by ClimatePro.

If you own a business in San Jose, CA, you should consider having safety window tint installed. Window tinting offers San Jose businesses many benefits.

Whether you run a small business, are a shopowner, manage a retail space, operate a studio or salon, or have a medical office, window tinting is a must-have. Also called window film, window tint can save you money on energy, make your windows stronger and safer, and reduce the sun's impact on your customers and products. 

Commercial Window Tinting Benefits for San Jose

Like much of the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose gets a lot of sunshine. On average, San Jose gets on about 256 days of sunshine and has some of the higher daily temperatures in the San Francisco Bay Area. These two factors alone make adding window tinting to your San Jose business imperative.

3M™ Window tint helps reduce the amount of heat from the sun by up to 78%. This doesn't mean that your windows will be dark. Instead, you get sun protection while enjoying the views outside. For instance, the office windows and doors you see in the images have been upgraded with 3M Safety S70 tint. This is one of the tints in the 3M™ Safety Series

Another benefit of tints like the 3M™ Safety Series is the extra layer of protection they provide. They are designed to make you safer by helping to hold glass fragments together. This reduces injury from broken glass, whether it happens during bad weather or a break-in attempt.  It can even slow criminals down. 3M™ Safety Series tints come in a clear safety-only version that can be combined with other safety and sun control features.  Additionally, 3M™ Safety Series tints can be improved with the addition of 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems.

To review, here is a list of benefits that you can expect from 3M Safety Series tints:

  • Saves money by being applied to your current window glass
  • Different tint options are available: clear, frosted, mirrored, and tinted
  • Strengthens glass by holding it in place, reducing injury
  • Slows down smash-and-grab robberies
  • Reduces the sun's heat by up to 78%
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Warrantied by 3M
  • Looking for more security? Ask for 3M Ultra Safety tint

San Jose's Best Window Tint Specialists

ClimatePro has served the entire San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years. We are the best window tint company in San Jose, and we are ready to help you get started. Take a look at a library of our completed projects.  Get a free 3M Safety Series estimate here or give us a call at 707-755-7337. 


3M Safety Window Tint, installed in San Jose, CA by ClimatePro.

3M Safety Window Tint, installed in San Jose, CA by ClimatePro.

3M Safety Window Tint, installed in San Jose, CA by ClimatePro.


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