Conference Room Privacy Window Film Installation

Conference Room Privacy Window Film Installation

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Hyperwallet came to us with a specific vision in mind. Their creative director had already envisioned exactly the look and message they wanted to display across their office conference room windows with our privacy window film.

With the direction provided to the ClimatePro team our graphics production department went to work. They discussed the client’s needs, determined the correct privacy window film and manufacturing to create the effect exactly as the client desired.

Our in field estimator went to work, he visited the client’s site to decide all the measurements of the conference room windows. Then he reported back to the production team so they could put together the computer files to create this artwork.

See for yourself, you can see the client’s original creative document versus the final product. Did we get it right?

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This is what Hyperwallets creative director had to say about the work we performed for them.

The team at Climate Pro were fantastic in creating and installing the film we wanted on our glass wall. I had provided a mock-up of what we wanted and they put it together exactly as we envisioned. The installers were very professional and the install was done in a very timely fashion. Climate Pro’s price was one of the best quotes we received and their work was exceptional, I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting film installed on glass.
David Priban Creative Director / Hyperwallet

Privacy window film is the ultimate decorative glass solution

Decorative privacy window films are used all over, anywhere there is glass. They can be installed with or without graphics. They can be digitally printed on with our unique printing process creating truly unlimited branded office environments. Logos, patterns, designs can be printed, layered and plotted to create remarkable unique graphic installations that will may your clients say, “wow”.

Not to mention our wide array of frosted privacy window films come in varying degrees of opacities. This gives you the ability to create unlimited decorative effects on glass partitions, conference rooms, and mirrors.

Don’t forget we have special films for walls and floors so your branded environment can extend beyond just glass and jump onto the walls and floors. This creates a complete branded environment which can even be changed or added to down the road.

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