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Crimsafe Security Screens for Sunnyvale, CA

ClimatePro installed Crimsafe on this Sunnyvale, CA home.

Create a safer and more secure Sunnyvale, CA home with Crimsafe security screens. It's not just good for Sunnyvale; homes all over the San Francisco Bay Area have discovered the power of Crimsafe. Is it the right fit for your home? What makes Crimsafe superior to other window and door security screens? Let's find out.

Crimsafe - Superior Protection for Your Home

Crimsafe security screens are designed to prevent break-ins. They give homeowners a well-designed and tested layer of security for their family and possessions. The Benefits of Crimsafe security doors and window screens are numerous. Here are 12:

  • Custom made-to-measure for your doors and window.
  • Keeps both intruders and insects outside
  • Allows airflow and through-breezes
  • Easy escape with Crimsafe-S-Capes®
  • Anti-pry frame, hinges, and locks
  • No unsightly bars or grills
  • Designed to fasten securely to the frame
  • 304 high-tensile stainless steel tamper-resistant mesh screen
  • Tamper-resistant screws
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Financing Available

Let's highlight 3 of these features. Crimsafe’s 304 grade Tensile-Tuff® stainless steel mesh is 0.9mm in diameter. This makes it up to 26% thicker than most other mesh used by other companies. This thick and tough mesh is hard to cut through, giving you peace of mind.

Next, let's talk about the Screw-Clamp™. Crimsafe's super strong screw-clamps are designed to make it incredibly difficult to pull the mesh from the frame. This gives Crimsafe the strength to withstand tremendous force and impact.

Lastly, let's talk about the tamper-resistant screws, another Crimsafe innovation. As if Tensile-Tuff® stainless steel mesh and Screw-Clamps™ weren't enough, the screws add another layer of strength. These stainless steel screws hold everything securely in place.

ClimatePro - The Bay Area's Crimsafe Specialists

Whether you live in a house, townhouse, or apartment, Crimsafe security door and window screen look great, keep your home secure and provide a whole range of other lifestyle benefits. We want to make sure you know all the benefits that this exception security system can bring. We believe it is a very wise investment. Ready to get a free estimate for your home? Call us at 707.755.7337 or fill out the form here for a no-obligation quote. Want to see more homes transformed with Crimsafe? Check these out:

ClimatePro installed Crimsafe on this Sunnyvale, CA home.


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