FAQ: Will The Window Film Bubble?

FAQ: Will The Window Film Bubble?

Will your window film bubble after installation? This is a common question that our sales and installation team hear often. In this post, we’ll discuss why window film bubbles. We will also determine how to minimize bubbles before and after a window film installation.


  1. The importance of window cleaning
  2. Skilled installation minimizes bubbles
  3. Some bubbles are natural until the film is cured
  4. Bubbles and Your Warranty

FAQ: Will the window film bubble?
Why does window film bubble?

One very common reason that window film forms bubbles is that the window is not cleaned before installation. Windows should be cleaned before the window film is applied to them. Less-skilled installers may not clean the windows well enough, leaving dirt and other debris. This is one of the reasons why we highly recommend hiring a professional window film installer.

How Installers Minimize Window Film Bubbles

Our installation crew is trained to minimize bubbles after a window film installation. Using a squeegee with precision, they go over every inch of the film. This removes excess water, which reduced the chance of poor film adhesion. This also reduces the chance of bubbles. We aim high when it comes to preparing your windows. Our goal is to create the cleanest surface possible for your window tint installation.

It’s important to note that newly installed window film may still show some bubbles or blisters until it is completely cured. How long does it take for window film to cure? Depending on the thickness of the film, this could take from 30 to 60 days. Want to know how to care for newly-installed window film? We’ve created a handy guide on how to care for and clean your window film.

Additionally, since very few of us live in dust-free spaces (unless you live in a cleanroom), it is expected that there may be some dust particles on the glass when the film is installed. But with proper pre and post-installation techniques, those imperfections can be minimized.

FAQ: Will the window film bubble?

Bubbles and Your Warranty

What if you discover bubbles after the curing process is over? As was mentioned earlier, after the window film is cured, you may see very small bubbles that form from particles of dust. It’s important to note that the International Window Film Association makes this statement:

“The installation shall be deemed acceptable if all of the following are unobtrusive (effects during visual cure should be disregarded): Dirt Particles, Hair and Fibers, Adhesive Gels, Fingerprints, Air Bubbles, Water Haze, Scores and Scratches, Film Distortion, Creases, Edge Lift, Nicks and Tears.” 

This meant that any blemishes should be minimal and hard to find. If the bubbles are large and unsightly, your window film installation company should be called. A good warranty, from both the window film itself and the installation, should cover any repairs or replacements.

Learn how to care for your window film after installation here.

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