Is Window Film Bulletproof?

Is Window Film Bulletproof?

What is the truth about bulletproof window film? There is more interest than ever in creating safer homes and offices. Many San Francisco Bay Area home and business owners are looking for security solutions and window film is often at the forefront. We offer security and safety films for both homes and businesses. But what about bulletproof windows film? Does it exist?

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Bulletproof Window Film: The Facts

The fact is this: there is no such thing as bulletproof window film. While this is the truth, some window films can hold the glass in place if a bullet pierces it. This can be a great crime deterrent, as it makes it difficult for intruders to force their way through a hole in the window. Because safety and security window films are thicker than normal window films, they can slow down forced intrusion.

For instance, 3M Ultra Series safety films are tough and tear-resistant. At up to 42 micro-layers thick, it is tougher than traditional films. Because of the thickness, 3M Ultra Series offers better blast and impact protection. Again, not bulletproof, but pretty tough.

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How to Make Your Windows Stronger

While bulletproof window film doesn’t exist yet, there are measures you can take to make your windows stronger. As was previously mentioned, security film is an option. You can also upgrade your windows themselves with Riot Glass. Third, you can add a superior screen system like Crimsafe, to the outside of your windows and doors. Let’s discuss all 3.

Crimsafe Security Door and Window Screens

  1. Safety and Security Film: Safety and security window films are thicker films designed to help hold broken glass in place. This reduces potential injury from shattered glass. This layer of protection is designed to slow down intruders, as the film is tough to destroy. Not only does it protect from smash-and-grabs, but it also is useful during earthquakes and severe weather events.
  2. Riot Glass: Constructed of strong polycarbonate sheets, Riot Glass is a potent security method. Riot Glass panels can be installed over existing window glass in some cases. In many instances, it can be installed in place of your existing windows. It is extremely strong, as you can see in the videos here.
  3. Crimsafe: A custom-made security solution, Crimsafe doors and window screens are an outstanding security system.  The mesh used is securely screwed into the frame and clamps down with a vise-like grip. The screens have been tested against corrosion and are a perfect solution for those who want another layer of protection. Learn more here.

Riot Glass Security

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