For Your Home: 3M Prestige Series – The Clear Choice

For Your Home: 3M Prestige Series – The Clear Choice

3M Prestige Series - window film perfect for your home.

The more I learn about 3M window film, the more amazed I am with both the options available and the technology behind it. For instance, 3M has a line of window films called the Prestige Series that offers homeowners a new way of protecting themselves and their valuables. The Prestige Series is a true breakthrough and should definitely be on your list if you’r considering having window film installed.

Most window films use one of three methods to reject and repel heat: dark tints, metals or highly reflective surfaces. There are some inherent issues with all three methods. The dark tints are the most obvious, since they can decrease the amount of natural light that enters your home. The second method, using metals, has its own challenges. For instance, they’re susceptible to corrosion, especially in coastal areas, and they can also interfered with mobile phone reception. Who knew? The third method, using reflective surfaces, can diminish the aesthetic beauty of your home. When you see the really reflective window films in use, they can give a home an almost office building-like appearance, and no one wants their home to look like an office building!


To eliminate all these challenges, 3M has developed the Prestige Series. This collection of four window films have substantially reduced reflectivity. According to 3M, this premium line of window films offers two styles that actually have less interior reflectivity than the glass they cover. The other two styles have interior reflectivity that is just 1% greater than glass. So, at night, you’ll have a clear view out your windows. Your home will look just as beautiful after the installation as it did before, only now you’ll have the added protection of the best quality window film on the market.


To learn more about the 3M Prestige Series, including a unique testing system that ensures that you’re getting the best window film for your home, contact us to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to assist you.