Home Improvement: What are the benefits of window tinting?

Home Improvement: What are the benefits of window tinting?

The Top 7 Benefits of adding window tint to your home improvement plans.If you plan to improve your San Francisco Bay Area home this year, you are in good company. Nationwide, home improvement spending continues to rise. By some estimates, the average increase in budget is over 50%, compared to last year. More and more homeowners are seeing the advantages of updating their current homes. This includes updating existing windows and doors. Mention windows and doors, and naturally, our ears perk up. Our specialty is helping our Bay Area neighbors to add window tint to their improvement plans. What are the benefits of window tinting? Here are 7 benefits of window tint or window film.

The Top 7 Benefits of Home Window Tinting

  • Save on Energy Bills
  • Improve Security
  • Reduce Glare and Eye Strain
  • Increase Privacy
  • UV Protection
  • Increase Home Value
  • Low Maintenance

Save on Energy Bills: While the sun is beneficial for life, its heat can definitely impact your home, especially if your windows are unprotected. The simple reason is that sunlight increases the amount of heat that enters your home. Window tint helps to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your home. This means that during warmer months, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard. This helps to lower energy costs. What about during cooler months? Window tint acts as a layer of insulation, helping you to keep more of your heat inside. Window tint helps to save on energy bills all year round.

Film to consider: Budget-friendly 3M Affinity Series

Improve Security: Creating a more secure home is a top priority for many homeowners, and window tint can help. Did you know that window tint can act as a barrier to your windows? Window tint can strengthen your windows in case of breakage. It holds the glass in place, reducing the risk of injury from glass fragments. Security window tint is even stronger than regular film. It is designed to slow forced entry, keep your family safe and reduce theft. It looks like regular window tint, so you won’t have to worry about window tint changing your home’s appearance.

Film to consider: Tear-resistant 3M Ultra Series

Reduce Glare and Eye Strain: If you enjoy watching television, using a computer, playing games on your tablet, or watching videos on your phone, then you need window tint! By reducing glare from the sun, window tint makes it easier to enjoy all those screens with less eye strain. We often find that customers don’t realize how much the sun has been interfering with their screen use until after the window tint is installed. The glare reduction can be substantial.

Film to consider: Glare-reducing 3M Night Vision Series

The Top 7 Benefits of adding window tint to your home improvement plans.

Increase Privacy: Many homeowners state that safety, security, and privacy are top concerns. Our windows are the ‘eyes’ of our homes, but they also let eyes look into your home. This is another area where window tint can really improve your home and, quite frankly, your life. Privacy window films give you more control over what those outside your home see. There are several privacy window tints available. Some of them give you a modest layer of privacy, while others can block prying eyes completely. It’s really up to you.

Film to consider: Privacy-enhancing 3M One-Way Mirror Film

UV Protection: If you are concerned about the sun’s impact on your furnishings and your skin, window tint is definitely a must-have. The sun produces UV rays that cause fading to art, flooring, furniture, and textiles. More importantly, UV rays can increase your risk of skin cancer. Window tint dramatically reduces the amount of UV radiation that enters your home. This prolongs the life of your furnishings and protects your skin.

Film to consider: UV-Filtering  3M Neutral Series

Increase Home Value: Considering all the benefits we’ve already discussed, you can see that adding window tint can increase your home value. It is a form of home improvement that gives you and any future buyer better long-term energy savings. Adding privacy film to your garage windows and glass doors makes your garage a safer and more secure place for your cars and belongings. That’s a huge selling point if you ever considered putting your home on the market.

Film to consider: Property-Enhancing 3M Fasara Window Tint

Low Maintenance: Not only is window tint easy to clean, but most films also have scratch-resistant properties. Plus, 3M window tint comes with a great warranty that ensures that your investment is protected.

Learn more about the warranty here.

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