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Is 3M Night Vision Window Film Worth it?

Is 3M Night Vision Window Film Worth it?

Is 3M Night Vision window film worth it? It is an increasingly popular choice for Sonoma county business owners. Looking to create a comfortable interior for your customers? Want to create an office space that enhances productivity, no matter the weather outside? Let's see if Night Vision window film is right for you.

3M Night Vision is A Great Choice

The cool views you see in the above image are from a winery in Sonoma, CA that we recently outfitted with 3M Night Vision window film.  How does it work? If you are a business owner who is concerned with sun exposure, 3M Night Vision window film can dramatically reduce the amount of natural light entering your space. Outstandingly, it only allows 15% to 35% of the sun's light to filter in. This can help to create a comfortable space during the warmer months. Its anti-reflective properties mean that your customers can have a clear view of the outside world while enjoying a comfortable space inside.

Limiting the sun's impact on your business space has some clear benefits. First, it reduces cooling costs by rejecting up to 71% of the sun's heat.  It also adds a layer of insulation to your windows, which can be a great benefit to your heating bill in cooler months. In review, a more comfortable interior, exceptional glare reduction, and minimizing eye strain are some of the benefits to be had from using 3M Night Vision window film.

Is the film durable? This is a good question and we are happy to say yes! 3M Night Vision films feature 3M’s nano-technology, which means it won’t fade. Plus, you get 3M’s extensive warranty. All these features plus the warranty add up to a wise investment for San Francisco Bay Area business owners. Get more information about 3M Night Vision window film here.

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