Is 3M Window Film The Best?

Is 3M Window Film The Best?

Is 3M Window Film The Best?

Is 3M window film the best? It’s a fair question. Full disclosure: the ClimatePro team unabashedly loves 3M.  Window film choices can be baffling, with a wide array of brands and performance options from you to choose from. As we’ve discussed in our guide on how to purchase window film, “one size does not fit all” when it comes to selecting window film.

There is a wide range of window film options available depending on your application and needs. We recommend that you read our buyers guide to understand more. However, if you’ve here to find out why we believe 3M window films are the best in the business, read on. We’ll discuss three reasons. (To learn more about the history of window film and the current companies producing and selling it, read this.)


3M Works Well With Small Business

You may think of 3M as they are today: a large, multi-national company known for their innovative products. What we might forget is that 3M started off as a small company. What we’ve discovered is that 3M hasn’t lost their understanding of how small businesses work. This has been our experience. To us, 3M is a trusted company that works well with small business owners.

For instance, 3M window films can only be purchased and installed by certified 3M dealers. 3M connects with local window film companies like ours, creating a trusted relationship. This beneficial relationship not only supports us, but it also benefits our customers. This ensures that our customers get the best window film on the market, installed by the best-trained team in the Bay Area.

3M has a select group of dealers they’ve designated as Prestige dealers, and we are proud to be one of them. What does this mean for our San Francisco Bay Area customers? It means that ClimatePro has been entrusted with offering 3M’s highest quality products, as well as providing the highest-quality installations. Our 40-year history and continual 5-star reviews prove that we value this relationship.


Is 3M WIndow film The Best ClimatePro 4 A garage transformed with 3M Night Vision Window Film.


Why is 3M the Best Window Film?

3M window films offer a variety of advantages. We’ve documented so many of these benefits in our weekly updated Project Center. Whether it’s for residential or commercial customers, the investment is worth it. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Another outstanding benefit that can’t be overstated is the comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. We’ve found that questions about 3M’s warranty are at the top of the list for many customers. Don’t fear: 3M’s warranty is comprehensive, backed by a company you can trust. The warranty covers adhesion (how the film sticks to your window) and it’s appearance, including reflectivity. You can learn more about the warranty here.

ClimatePro – Your 3M Window Film Specialists

We’ve mentioned our 40 years of experience a few times in this post for good reason. Our reputation matters to us and ensures that you will get the best film and the best service possible. We serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Take a look at some of our completed projects here. Get a free estimate here or give us a call (707) 569-9098.