Keep Your Family Safe with Window Tinting

Keep Your Family Safe with Window Tinting

Keep Your Family Safe with Window Tinting

Did you know that you can keep your family safe with window tinting? We love informing and educating our customers about the many benefits of professionally installed window tinting (or window film as some like to call it), and this post is no exception.  Let’s discuss three ways that window tinting can keep your family safe: UVA protection, privacy, and security.

Window Tinting and UVA Protection

Did you know that according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? Besides the devastating impact that sunlight can have on the skin, it can also contribute to the development of premature aging and cataracts. Why does this occur? It has to do with UVA exposure.

Here’s some info about UV rays. There are three types of ultraviolet or UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC rays are blocked successfully by the atmosphere.  UVB rays are blocked by your glass windows, doors and skylights. But the ones you really have to worry about are those pesky UVA rays. They’re the ones that cause real damage to your skin and your interior furnishings.  In fact, there is some compelling evidence to suggest that UVA rays are a leading factor in causing skin cancer, even slowing down the healing process and causing DNA damage. The good news: they are also the kind of rays that can be successfully blocked by window tinting.  In fact, 3M™ Window Film blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UVA rays. 

What’s great about window tinting is that it works 24/7. Not only does it protect your skin, but it also offers a layer of protection against fading. This means that your furniture and flooring are also preserved while you protect your family.  Not bad, right?

Keep Your Family Safe with Window Tinting

Get More Privacy

When it comes to using window tinting for privacy, some of our customers have come to believe that this is only used on commercial buildings. While commercial privacy film is a very common option for San Francisco Bay Area businesses, privacy window tinting can also be used in the home.

For example, many residential window tinting customers have requested 3M Fasara film. This innovative film has a ton of design options and can be used to create privacy in the most decorative way. You can apply it to front doors and entranceways. Some of the best applications we’ve seen are in bathrooms. It’s a perfect way of letting the sunlight in while keeping snooping eyes out. And just like we mentioned in the previous section, you get all the other benefits, too: UVA and anti-fading protection.

Privacy window film can also be used on glass-fronted kitchen cabinets. With so many designs to choose from, you can really customize a space with privacy window tinting. It can also be used on glass partitions and glass stair railings too. The ClimatePro team has seen privacy film used in a variety of ways, but here’s one thing we know for sure: it adds a layer of privacy protection to your home that can really make a difference.

The Home Security Benefits of Window Tinting

We live in a world where, unfortunately, we have to give consideration to security. Window tinting can play a key role in your home security plans. We usually highlight two key ways that it can benefit you: protection during natural disasters and anti-theft. First, how does window film protect you during a natural disaster?

Window tinting has a remarkable ability to add a layer of strength to your glass. By design, it helps hold your window glass together in case of breakage. This reduces the risk of potential injury. Imagine how that would be a benefit during an earthquake or severe weather event! Your family can feel secure knowing that their windows won’t be adding to the dangers during a disaster.

The second area where window tinting can make your family more secure has to do with crime prevention. Those same properties that hold the glass in place during a disaster can also inhibit criminals from breaking into your home. Check out the video on this page for an example of just how effective they can be.

These are just 3 of the benefits of professionally installed window tinting. The ClimatePro team is ready to help you create a more secure home for your family. After all, we’ve become the top San Francisco tint shop for a reason: great customer service and product selection, with 40 years in the business. With offices in North Bay, San Francisco, and San Jose, contact us today at (707) 569-9098 to discuss your window tinting needs.