National Window Film Day 2015

National Window Film Day 2015

It’s National Window Film Day! I’m sure your remembered, right? Well, of course you’d expect that we’d want to shed light on the importance of window film in both your home and office. The International Window Film Association has designated this day to help inform the public of the many benefits of using window film. From UV protection to sun fading, there are a myriad of reasons to consider installing window film. Plus, there are so many options, practical and decorative, that you’re guaranteed to find a film that is right for your windows.

First, check out this video from the IWFA. They recently took to the streets of California to ask folks what they knew about window film and UV protection. The answers they received are quite enlightening.

As you can see, the public understanding regarding window film varies. Needless to say, the more you know, the better your chances of taking advantage of this innovative way to protect your family, your home and your furnishings. Plus the energy saving benefits are quite incredible. The IWFA is on a mission to help all to discover these benefits as well. Here’s how the describe the reasons behind choosing today as National Window Film Day:

Homeowners tend to think about “spring cleaning” and home improvement during this time of the year more than any other. It is traditionally a season of renewal and setting forth fresher and smarter ways of doing things at home with improvement projects that will add both beauty and value.

Professionally installed window film fits the bill in both categories with the wide array of looks it can achieve for any style of home, and the myriad of benefits it offers. What other springtime home improvement can save you money on energy bills, protect your skin and eyes from UV damage, reduce fading of your furnishings and artwork and help you to enjoy more day lighting with less glare? Once people start learning about this advanced home improvement they are truly amazed and they want to know where to get it.

That’s what the IWFA is here for – to share as much factual, proven expertise with the consumer as they’d like to know about professionally installed window film. Want to know exactly how much energy it can help you to save?  Use the installer/ dealer locator on our website and speak with one of our members.

The interest in professionally installed window film is growing. In fact, according to the IWFA, the governors of Hawaii, Virginia and Massachusetts have all declared today National Window Film Day, as well as the Mayors of Austin, Mayors of Austin, Chicago, Fort Myers, and St. Petersburg. We’re sure that the interest will continue to grow.

The Benefits of Commercial Window Film

The video below gives a good overview of why commercial window film makes sense. We’ve been installing it all over the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 3 decades and have helped many business owners reap the benefit of professionally installed window film.

3M Window Film for Commercial Buildings from ClimatePro on Vimeo.

One of most popular options for businesses is to install decorative window film, both on the interior and exterior of their buildings. Get a glimpse at the amazing possibilities here.

The Benefits of Residential Window Film

There are so many benefits for homeowners as well. The below video highlights many of them. We’ve assisted hundreds of homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area with their residential window film needs and we look forward to doing even more this year.

3M Window Film for your Home from ClimatePro on Vimeo.

One are that is of growing concern for many homeowners in safety and security. Did you know that window film can help with both? Learn more about the safety features you can receive with professionally installed window film here. Here’s the official news release for National Window Film Day, followed by a great infographic from Madico.

See what window film can do.

Lastly, here are some great resources to help you get started on your way to benefitting from professionally installed window film. Have questions? Start here with a free consultation.