No! We don’t do Autos.

No! We don’t do Autos.

A day doesn’t go by where one of our customer service reps get asked if we do auto window tinting. Makes sense since the words ‘window tinting’ are synonymous with cars. For years, people having been getting their car windows tinted to improve aesthetics and to make their rides more comfortable on the road.

In fact, the left sides of our bodies are more at risk of getting some form of skin cancer due to the amount of time we spend in our automobiles. If you’re concerned about that, then yes, getting your car window tinted would help reduce the amount of harmful UV rays on your skin while you drive.

Back to the point of this article, we constantly get asked if we do auto window tinting by people throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and we constantly tell them, “No, sorry we do not.” People don’t know how to react once we tell them, and it’s not their fault. In their perspective, we advertise a window tinting service, so why wouldn’t we tint cars?

Well, the answer to that question is complex yet simple. Ever since the beginning back in 1979, we have never touched one car! Sure, we have tinted our own cars and installed tint on our installation trucks but we have never charged one customer to tint their car. Why?

The answer is simple: Thats not what we do! We have always focused our energy, expertise and resources on one thing: to provide the best service possible while providing amazing glass coating solutions for homes and business. We didn’t want to be like other window tinting companies; we wanted to be focused and excel at what we do.

Don’t get us wrong, auto window tinting is an art! There are so many cars and trucks that have all kinds of uniquely shaped and curved automotive glass. It takes skill and talent to be truly good at tinting cars for a living. It takes focus, practice and your entire business needs to be focused on the automotive window tinting, in our opinion. You can not cross contaminate the two types of business.

One business is focused on cars, auto racing, car dealerships and making connections at the SEMA show while the other is a contractor, designer, lover of architecture and calculating nerd who cares about kilowatt hours saved. Two different types of businesses entirely, no matter how much a window film manufacturer representative tries to convince you otherwise.

The materials and tools used to complete the job at hand may be similar but the two services couldn’t be farther apart. So, just like we have done for the last 35 years we will continue to do. We will provide the best service possible while providing amazing window film coatings for homes and buildings. Learn more about our services for your home and office.