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Privacy Window Film for Oakland, CA Offices

Privacy Window Film and Tinting for Oakland, CA. Offices, Shops, and Storefronts by ClimatePro.

ClimatePro offers the best window film and window tinting in Oakland, CA. We aim to provide the best window film catalog, customer service, and installation to home, office, and retail business owners in Oakland. 

For many Oakland business owners, privacy is a major concern. This is especially the case if your office or shop is on the ground floor. Privacy window film is needed, not just to keep prying eyes out but to create a less distracting work environment. Recently, we installed 3M Fasara frosted film on the front door and window of an office in Oakland. There are some great benefits to using this film to create a more private office.

One benefit of 3M Fasara frosted film is that it creates privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the office space. Second, by only applying it on just a portion of the glass, you can still see outside. Privacy and visibility are a great combination. If you have an office, storefront, workspace, or shop that can use both privacy and natural light, this might be the best choice for you. Give the ClimatePro team a call at 707.755.7337 or fill out our online information request form. We'd be glad to get you started.

Want to see more examples of privacy created with 3M frosted window film? Try these:

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